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XSavage19X t1_j8jhv94 wrote

I'm opening a chips shop next to Brighton's stadium. I need investors.


imgrandojjo t1_j8khcri wrote

Shop? Get a stand, park it right outside the stadium.


boricimo t1_j8ksdqq wrote

Stand? Just bring a grill into the Stadium and sell right in the stairs.


Led_Deplin t1_j8l1m1a wrote

Stairs? Stuff them in your clothes and sell them in the seats.


boricimo t1_j8l7wp3 wrote

Seats? Stuff them in your mouth and give directly into people’s mouths like a mama bird.


IdPreferToBeLurking t1_j8lckch wrote

Mouths? We've created designer bacteria that will form into a butty directly inside your stomach.


Not_as_witty_as_u t1_j8lfidq wrote

Stomachs? Photosynthesize those chips


Emerald34 t1_j8nsybu wrote

Photosynthesize? gain the powers of telekinesis and deliver the sensation of eating fish and chips to your customers


insultant_ t1_j8l5c4z wrote

Really? Why not but the stadium and convert it into a fish and chips emporium?


ArcherA87 t1_j8m8omm wrote

Because then you'll have to walk two hours to the nearest football match.


elsawarudo t1_j8mn464 wrote

This actually happens in Argentina but with choripan (sausage sandwich)


justheretoupvot3 t1_j8md9jm wrote

I mean there’s a van there on match days selling fish and chips but it’s not open outside of matchdays


si1versmith t1_j8lzj76 wrote

You could probably open it across the street next to the university.


Pentax25 t1_j8m90if wrote

Ironic since there’s a fish & chip shop basically everywhere in Brighton


Onemax1 t1_j8o0k9k wrote

Brightons stadium is in the middle of nowhere your only customers will be on match day. Your fish will need to be line caught and chips organic


dorothii t1_j8jm3h1 wrote

Is this why Brighton fans supposedly are the healthiest?


estebancantbearsedno t1_j8k6kjk wrote

I don’t like being more than 15 minutes from a chip shop, but I live up north so that’s never a problem.


bwoah07_gp2 t1_j8lz3t3 wrote that's a question. "Which Premier League team's have the healthiest fans?"


jai_kasavin t1_j8m7b1n wrote

Blackburn Rovers. It's still 1995 in their heads, and you're only as old as you feel.


Pentax25 t1_j8m92yi wrote

I reckon there’s no fish & chips there cos they’re so sick of it round the rest of the town it probably wouldn’t sell so well


dyingsong t1_j8me1bf wrote

There's a fish and chip stand (or multiple) directly outside of the stadium. The graphic is wrong.


OnlyMadeForPlace t1_j8kahrj wrote

You can't get Fish and Chips at a Brighton game because of all the Seagulls


boricimo t1_j8ksk4g wrote

Seagulls are a tough team. Defense so good it’s like they’re flying out there.


bigblizzy357 t1_j8k4fae wrote

Now this… this is great content


Seagullmaster t1_j8k5tla wrote

I haven’t been to any European stadiums but can you guys really get out in 2 minutes? In the US takes like 20 minutes just to leave the stadium then 20 minutes of security to get back in.


jupiterspringsteen t1_j8k77wi wrote

Yes probably. There isn't much security at a football stadium here in Europe. Thinking about it, it's guns isn't it.


Lumpyyyyy t1_j8kalxx wrote

In the US, at least at the places I’ve been to, you can’t leave and go back in either. So this would be a small chart for that.


LolitsPing t1_j8lc2a5 wrote

That’s because of alcohol purchases.

A few years ago, you could go in and out of a college football game to drink a beer or two at your tailgate at halftime and return to your seat. Not the case since they started selling beer in the stadium.


Kered13 t1_j8m03r6 wrote

No, the main fear at stadiums is bombs. Well that, and people sneaking in without paying. I'm actually very surprised to hear that there isn't much security at European stadiums.


gbzcngb t1_j8m30ph wrote

It depends on the stadium as well, the Spurs stadium has almost airport style security and they will check your bags, but it works pretty well. Smaller clubs usually have no security, my local club you just stroll through the turnstiles.


WorldsGreatestPoop t1_j8mw4wq wrote

Then things seem pretty similar. There’s not much security at small stadiums, like 5000 people or less. There’s a ton of security when it’s a major pro stadium.


Flashwastaken t1_j8m3ei4 wrote

Depends on the stadium, where you are sitting and who is playing. If it’s a game with two rival clubs and the fans are known for starting trouble, it could take an hour to get out of the stadium after the game because they don’t let the diehard fans (scum) leave until the other diehard fans (also scum), are on the buses back to wherever it is they are from. This is to stop fights and other hooliganisms.


Syrdon t1_j8nmgdn wrote

It’s about alcohol sales and protecting profits. If you let people leave efficiently they’ll go tailgate in the parking lot instead of buying stadium beer.

Edit: thinking about it, I’ll bet a relative lack of parking largely kills tailgating. Assuming european football stadiums are substantially more reliant on public transit, then they get some of those same protections as a free bonus on not having the same car culture the us does.


hamandjam t1_j8m6lwn wrote

Yep. And the ladies have to use a transparent little purse.


[deleted] t1_j8kax36 wrote



el_grort t1_j8khaxk wrote

Crushes are a problem, aye, that's usually a matter of when the game ends (or a riot). Some major ones happened at Ibrox as well, each one caused more changes in either policy and even construction of the exits.


Daedeluss t1_j8m2ce6 wrote

Unlike most US stadiums, most European stadiums aren't surrounded by acres of car parking


Jusfiq t1_j8km0pn wrote

EPL stadia do not have concession stands inside that sell fish and chips?


lookofdisdain t1_j8ly9nl wrote

They do

Source: I’m a Tottenham season ticket holder


Spid1 t1_j8mcsmw wrote

Is the fish nice? I saw it for the first time on my last visit and it surprisingly looked like my local chippy's whereas I was expecting it to look like my school dinner's. Looked appealing but want too hungry and didn't fancy eating standing up


lookofdisdain t1_j8mcynv wrote

Yeah pretty good as far as stadium food goes. But if I’m going to eat at the stadium there are better options IMO:

  • Spurs Signature Beef & Onion Pie
  • Brisket Roll
  • Chicken Katsu Burger

thereAndFapAgain t1_j8nysq2 wrote

Some do but it's shite, not proper chippy stuff. It's mainly for a pie and a beer at half time rather than anything decent like that.


F_redrik OP t1_j8jdh4l wrote

Source: extensive searching on Google Maps + this site


funklepop t1_j8kbqow wrote

There's loads of food trucks right outside westham stadium including fish and chips?. I guess they don't count?


F_redrik OP t1_j8nqey1 wrote

No; they don't show up on Google Maps when you search "fish&chips"


dyingsong t1_j8me4wk wrote

On match days brighton has fish and chips right outside the stadium, but I don't know if you can leave and re enter at half time.


NiceHeadlockSir t1_j8kji50 wrote

Wolves is wrong; Q Inn Chippy is a four minute walk.


yabyum t1_j8lyq2t wrote

Maybe it depends which gate OP exits from?


NiceHeadlockSir t1_j8nykpc wrote

Even if you’re coming out of the Steve Bull you should be able to get there and back.


xopranaut t1_j8jo80l wrote

That’s why Brentford should never have left Griffin Park.


definingsound t1_j8kxrkt wrote

Wow! In Canada we have lost all reentry privileges. Leave the stadium? You’re done watching the game from within the stadium.

It started before the pandemic, during Pan Am Games team sports. Now it’s here to stay in every stadium.

So each sports stadium has a captive audience to which they can try to sell all necessary calories and hydration to. Oh and no outside food / drink is allowed unless it’s for a baby. They confiscate it all during the security search upon entry.


Math-Soft t1_j8pdzk9 wrote

Hate seeing the US infect elsewhere. 🤦🏼‍♀️


funklab t1_j8ln4m7 wrote

Do they let you leave the stadium and come back in in the UK?

In the US (at least most places I've gone) once you leave the stadium that's it. Your ticket is now "used" and you can't get back in with it.


ozzeruk82 t1_j8m299b wrote

Not in my experience, QR code gets scanned meaning they can’t allow this otherwise you could pass your phone through gates to a friend. So at least in my experience this data is built on a false premise.


kinggimped t1_j8lv695 wrote

Hey so, I'm a native Brightonian. The funny thing is, Brighton being a seaside town and all, we're kinda famous for our fish and chips. So it's kind of hilarious to see us languishing at the bottom of this particular table, because in daily life you're rarely more than a short walk away from the nearest chippy!

However, this is mostly because the Falmer stadium where B&H Albion play is right at the edge of city limits and quite far from the sea, which is where the majority of the fish and chip shops are. When I was a kid and Albion played at the Goldstone Ground, there was a chippy literally a 2 minute walk from the ground!

Someone really ought to open a chippy out there, though... clearly a gap in the market.


Spid1 t1_j8jfa3w wrote

That seems more than it'd take me at Spurs but I guess it depends what stand you're in as they serve it in the south stand


dancairney t1_j8knhyc wrote

You’re not allowed out of the grounds at half time?


RussoLUFC t1_j8lujoh wrote

I can get to Graveleys from the South Stand in 30 seconds. This data is cursed


NePa5 t1_j8lzh0c wrote

Yeah, I looked at that and thought "its 200m away, whats taking so long"


robyaw t1_j8m6qgd wrote

Need to factor in the time to get served?


TheKingMonkey t1_j8jfq6e wrote

I’m sure I’ve made it from the North Stand to the Villa Chippy by Witton Station in less than five minutes. Never at half time though.


sprobeforebros t1_j8ndv51 wrote

Stadiums that have confirmed Fish & Chips inside the stadium as posted on the twitter account FootyScran:


Aston Villa




Stadiums which have not had fish & chips from that stadium posted on the twitter account FootyScran:



Man United




Crystal Palace



West Ham







ghighcove t1_j8lqe6n wrote

Do your stadiums re-admit you after leaving? Or is the question just academic?

Just curious, because in the States, we usually don't re-admit, at least the venues I've been to here (Dodger Stadium, Rose Bowl, etc.)


ozzeruk82 t1_j8m2dw6 wrote

No, i believe they don’t, at least in my experience. They scan your phone and there’s no mechanism to “unscan” on leaving.


lemlurker t1_j8kqkm3 wrote

Chippy near me takes 20 mins to serve even on a quiet Wednesday


BLDLED t1_j8k9m0n wrote

Do they not have food (including fish and chips) at the stadiums?


lookofdisdain t1_j8lybw4 wrote

They do, but it looks like he’s just used google maps so the data is a bit weird


BLDLED t1_j8n3gd7 wrote

I guess I just don't get the point, why would you want to leave the stadium in the middle of a game? Higher quality food (this data doesn't support this meaning), shorter lines? I know you can't answer, its just confusing, and seemingly pointless.


lookofdisdain t1_j8nej99 wrote

Doesn’t take into account food options on the concourse, seat location or average queue times. Think it’s mostly done well because Brighton is a seaside town so people are like LOL NO FISH N CHIPS THERE


Phl_worldwide t1_j8kd5wo wrote

Glad I chose Tottenham as my team


Calgrei t1_j8kln28 wrote

That's assuming you instantly get the fish and chips when you arrive


mizinamo t1_j8ku142 wrote

He allocated five minutes inside the shop (order, wait for food to be made, receive food).


cableguysmith t1_j8kztau wrote

Bought time Tottenham won SOMETHING!


bwoah07_gp2 t1_j8lyzi4 wrote

These are truly important stats. And I mean that. How long did it take to compile all the information you needed for this?


F_redrik OP t1_j8mvslv wrote

Getting the information for all the stadiums took around 1h; then it took around 90 minutes to organize all the data and visualize the graph; first in Google Sheets then in Photoshop


xxxHalny t1_j8nh36n wrote

It's people like yourself who push civilization forward. The importance of this research cannot be overstated. Thank you.


Strehle t1_j8nttvm wrote

As a German who has no interested in England or Football, this is exactly the expert analysis I'm looking for on this sub.


jobear6969 t1_j8kw6kp wrote

Does this take into account walking/running slower while carrying the fish and chips? You would presumably be able to run quicker on the way there with both hands free. But the run back would require one hand to be holding the food.


FrankDrakman t1_j8kyb0j wrote

You ca leave a game midway through, and be re-admitted?

Not in North America.


Brewe t1_j8lxw7f wrote

Three things:

  • This is exactly the kind of post we need on this subreddit. Awesome!

  • Does this assume that you can run with the order(s) of fish & chips, or is this running there and power-walking back?

  • Does Tottenham have a fish & chips stand in the lobby?


F_redrik OP t1_j8n0r5h wrote

- Thank you!
- I'm not from England but I'm assuming they can give out fish&chops in boxes with lids on so you can run with it
- I got the sources from Google Maps, which doesn't show in-stadium kiosks; however the shop closest to Tottenham is literally just across the street


kinredditshk t1_j8m747m wrote

What's the speed of walking and running? Whatever the thing is, I think at least people will not consider that someone who's more than 300 pounds can walk/run faster than someone who's 150-200 pounds.


F_redrik OP t1_j8mplil wrote

Google Maps uses 5 km/h for walking and 10 km/h for running - i did not take weight into account, but i should probably have found the average weight/height for each city and calculated that into the speed


SnooRadishes6544 t1_j8nmvvd wrote

The matrix reveals itself. Fish and chips are really what men want


GrandBill t1_j8nyygr wrote

North American here. What sort of food, if any, is sold at football (i.e. soccer) stadiums?


jupiterspringsteen t1_j8wnmzl wrote

In the UK it's traditionally pies. Although there is a greater variety available now, especially at the big clubs. Check out FootyScran on twitter for pics of footy (soccer) ground's food from around the world.


bonjeroo t1_j8jmvo1 wrote

Mother Hubbard opposite Spurs does the best fish and chips I've ever had, simply perfection


theoriginalstarwars t1_j8k7kks wrote

Need to start a halftime business of a pedal bar to go to the fish and chips shops. Can drink on the way to the shop and drink and eat on the way back to the stadium.


Rocketsloth t1_j8kr9sz wrote

Eating the pain away has always been Spurs fans main outlet for dealing with the fact that they never win any silverware. Congrats to Harry Kane- 267 goals and zero trophies. "Tottenham get battered everywhere they go" this makes so much more sense now, like battered fish.


Fostercackle t1_j8ku5xc wrote

This seems like a very British post


The_hat_man74 t1_j8ldo84 wrote

What are the paces per mile or km for the running or walking?


XRedcometX t1_j8loxgl wrote

Woah woah woah, this is leaving the stadium, getting food, and then bringing it BACK into the stadium?


Whole-Increase-5820 t1_j8lre3r wrote

I think the running speed seems ever so slightly off. Running looks to be twice as quick, for most people, according to Google.

The times look to be only slightly off, like I say, by between 5 and 1 minutes off - making running seem slower than it actually would be(?)


F_redrik OP t1_j8n45lf wrote

i've added 7 mins (5 for waiting for the meal, 2 for getting in/out of the stadium) to every time, both running and walking


Vegan_Puffin t1_j8m0alu wrote

For Brighton, a team on the coast to have the worst chip shop distance is a disgrace. Bloom needs to sort himself out.


Adamsoski t1_j8m5xeo wrote

Brighton, Bournemouth, and Southampton all being too far away is quite funny.


TheBundaThicc t1_j8m1xjl wrote

There’s a chippy on Holloway Road, just off Hornsey Road, called Gold Fish. It’s a 10 minute walk from the Emirates.

I would therefore like to ask for a recount.


TheRealDoomsong t1_j8mew2d wrote

West Ham needs to reevaluate their stadium layout… did you see that ludicrous display last night?


RaggamuffinTW8 t1_j8mfji1 wrote

Brentford used to before they moved their ground.

Albany parade ❤️


Mr_MAlvarez t1_j8mlbh4 wrote

Where is this data from? There are 2 pubs within walking distance from Brentford stadium


F_redrik OP t1_j8mpw2d wrote

I found each stadium on Google Maps, went to "search nearby" and typed "Fish & Chips" – which leaves outs pubs that sell it but dont display it on their Google page


(this was originally a shitpost for r/soccer but i was told to put it here aswell so here we go)


FireLadcouk t1_j8mpriz wrote

Fish and chips at football? What’s wrong with a good ole pie?


Hackpanther t1_j8mrmc8 wrote

You can leave a game and come back? 🤯


MyNameIsKevinnn t1_j8muwlt wrote

Chippy makes a 38-0 loss better pop down local pride have a look at that pie! Lovely.


AlShapone t1_j8n59w6 wrote

Good info, until you realise that they won’t let you back in.


mrchumes t1_j8n9llz wrote

Fascinating but I wonder how they calculated the route.. with West Ham for example, I live and work near the stadium. I know a Fishies nearby that Google says takes 16 mins to get to but the path taken is the longest because it can't work out walking through the Olympic site. You should definitely be able walk there and back quicker than 25 mins.


Zafairo t1_j8nhu7b wrote

This is the most British graph I've seen


namelesshipster t1_j8nuaaw wrote

I'm from Leeds and I immediately thought Elland Road. I can literally see the stadium from where I live and I would even say 9 minutes walking is a bit of an overestimate. Never tried it on match day though.


SteamyRay1919 t1_j8o41yp wrote

Leeds is not a 9 minute walk? It's literally across the road. As soon as you leave the ground you just cross over the road. 20 seconds, max


CraigPNE t1_j8o77ln wrote

Rochdale has a cracking fish n chip shop next to the away end.

Probably the best and nearest winner.


Maddeltonn t1_j8qwjqj wrote

Everton has Lucky's Blue Dragon like literally a minute walk away from the ground, if that. So that would be 2 mins walk there and back, ~2 mins to get out the ground, ~5 mins for ordering. 9 mins walking, less running...


TheRealVillain666 t1_j8kzln8 wrote

Never 17 minutes walk to the chippy in Manor Rd from the Villa. It's 5 minutes.


Socarch26 t1_j8l949a wrote

does that 5 min account for walking back and ordering the food though?


TheRealVillain666 t1_j8mfjyh wrote

No, but it was never busy at half time because everyone was at the match including my mate who's family owned the chippy.

It is a 3 minute walk from the Witton end at max.


BeeBarfBadger t1_j8llc9m wrote

If you walk fast enough, all of them.


Ninnux t1_j8l9ru1 wrote

Does the UK do food trucks? Park that bad boy right outside the main gate.


ozzeruk82 t1_j8m2glp wrote

Oh totally, and that would change this data, think the OP just used fish and chips shops on Google maps, most food trucks aren’t on that


SupremeChampionOfDi t1_j8k4vsd wrote

I tried fish and chips. It sucked.


bdubdub t1_j8kd7fb wrote

Or perhaps, stay with me now, you just went to a place with bad fish and chips?


el_grort t1_j8khisy wrote

Tbf, could just not be to his tastes as well. That said, it's such a common takeaway staple that it won't hurt the business if he doesn't personally like it.

I do like meself a good fish supper, though.