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Boatster_McBoat t1_j8ruewk wrote

That's progress. Coming from Australia ranked choice (or preferential as we call it) is the only system I have used. My jaw dropped when I learned the methods in place elsewhere.


thetreecycle OP t1_j8sfgfz wrote

How do you think ranked choice has affected politics where you are?


Boatster_McBoat t1_j8tv0j8 wrote

We have more minor party representation, particularly in the senate where each state appoints 12 senators (6 every three years). Occasionally it requires one of the major parties to do a deal to form government - this often tempers the more extreme elements of the relevant major party. Overall I think our parliament is more diverse and representative of our population than it would be otherwise.


thetreecycle OP t1_j8tz4mz wrote

That is wonderful to hear, can’t want for ranked choice to spread in the US, tons of states have proposed legislation in support of ranked choice.