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malenfant21 t1_j8riwca wrote

You can see a much smaller circle showing the Philippines plastic waste production, and the much larger circle showing their plastic waste emission.

I know they stopped accepting Canadian plastic waste (I agree on recycling being mostly a scheme), but I have no idea what the Philippines' planned to do with the plastic waste.

Wouldn't Canada be able to bury non biodegradable plastics somewhere in the uninhabitable Canadian Shield. Maybe I should take out a billion dollar loan to start a company that imports and indefinitely buries international plastic waste? N/m back to Reddit.


Boatster_McBoat t1_j8ro3eu wrote

There are different scales between the two different coloured circles. They do not appear to be directly comparable in size. Philippines has been rated as highest per capita emitter of mismanaged plastic. Presumably this relates in part to it's geography, lots of rivers, lots of coastline vs land mass.


Soupmother t1_j8rowk7 wrote

Yep - I made the 101 error of not checking the scales!