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Ok_Champion6840 t1_j8t3qbm wrote

Trump inherited a robust growing economy and managed to destroy it along with nearly every agency. He replaced professionals and experts with realtors and dog groomers, installed toadies or donors and let his incompetent children run major offices. His lack of interest in reading or even caring to listen was well documented by former staff.

What is surprising is how few of these metrics were negatively impacted by his decimation of the executive branch.


SueSudio t1_j8v2or6 wrote

That dog groomer is now an elected Texas representative working to flush the state down the toilet.


gabotuit t1_j8v9we5 wrote

I see the glass half full: if the system can take all that and go back to normal afterwards, we’re in the best country in the world


nobodydeservesme t1_j8x6nax wrote

normal ...US politics is the best entertainment, Santos, Boebert, Green, Spino, Cruz.. they are all priceless jokes.

Keep it coming this 'normal'


gabotuit t1_j8xg81w wrote

I was thinking more about the ‘normal’ as in not having a freaking dictator due to a weak/failed state yielding to a coup in the congress or other corrupting forces acting against it from inside. This system allows the crazies to speak their minds but it doesn’t change the core operating principles.


nobodydeservesme t1_j8xniwh wrote

I hope you are right, they aren't done trying and testing these principles. They sell their lies as it's the new normal, and amazingly people are buying.


Kesshh t1_j8tci4r wrote

One thing I don’t like about these stats is that it seems to want people to conclude direct cause and effect when everything (politics, policies, economics, human behaviors, etc.) are so complicated and intertwined, not to mention the effect of governmental policies is often delayed for years before it is known.


_BreakingGood_ t1_j8vtxem wrote

Also covid. It will forever be impossible to truly judge just how shit of a president he was, because covid is an asterisk on every single data point.


chuteboxhero t1_j8vqmfw wrote

Yes for sure and they can be so intricate that it doesn’t really capture the overall sentiment of what is being said.

This isn’t any type of trump endorsement at all but an example of a fact check totally painting a narrative. I remember when trump backed out of the Paris climate accord he said that China would wipe out any progress made if the accords goals were met in two weeks. The fact checkers said it was false because it would actually take 59 days instead of two weeks. Yes technically not to the day correct but the general point he was trying to get across was generally true (albeit stupid to bring up by him ).

Trump lied about so many fucking things but it’s also clear that some fact checkers were just hell bent on finding a way to prove he’s lying about everything.


jxj24 t1_j8t7yh6 wrote

As long as he draws breath he can cause harm.


SyntheticReality42 t1_j8uzg6u wrote

I fear that the harms caused by his administration will continue to be felt long after his death. We are still suffering the effects of Reagan's tenure.


bad_syntax t1_j8v9k41 wrote

Correlation <> Causation

Presidents have very little to do with the success of a country. That lies in congress, the senate, business, pandemics, etc, etc, etc.

Though he did suck in every way, and did massive damage, it wasn't just him.


ElderWandOwner t1_j909kvg wrote

He put a lot of unqualified, down right terrible people in power all over the country, including the supreme court. That's his legacy, and this country is already worse for it.


anusty t1_j8wgpvt wrote

Fact check is biased and COVID had a huge impact in last year in office


calartnick t1_j8sn0xv wrote

Not sure he can count that high