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st4n13l t1_jach3bo wrote

Not surprising considering it's more acceptable to drink energy drinks at work (and plenty of other public places) than beer.


spicer2 OP t1_jac9b7x wrote

Tools: Datylon

Source: GWI Core, a consumer survey run worldwide every quarter (full disclosure, I work for GWI)

Methodology/other bits: This data is from 47 countries around the world (some countries excluded for obvious reasons). It's specifically among Gen Zers aged 21+ and up to make sure they're legal drinking age in every country we can ask about alcohol consumption.

Logan Paul isn't the main driver of this trend at a global level (though I'm sure he'd be pretty happy about these figures). Having said that, we've seen sizable spikes in the UK in the last year since Prime was released. The main factor driving all this, though, is that Gen Z are way more sober/"sober-curious" than other generations.

PS: if you're wondering why there's more volatility at the start of this time period, that's probably because the sample of 21+ Gen Zers was smaller.


ploki122 t1_jaenqsh wrote

And... how is "Gen Zer" defined? Feels weird to have the lower bound (21+) but not the upper bound. I would expect the data to be something like % of 21-38 who consumes the following at least once a month global), especially since generations are usually used very pejoratively (which usually isn't the goal of a graph).

EDIT : Side note... how is that related to Logan Paul?


H_Lunulata t1_jacebgv wrote

To be fair, I didn't really start drinking beer until I was 23 or so, simply because I had never found a beer I liked enough to spend much money on (thanks Lisa, for sorting that out). Drinking age is 18/19 here, depending on where you are.

While I would agree that I was a bit of an outlier in the late 80's, I wasn't *that* much of one.

They need to revisit this work in 5 or 10 years to really draw a conclusion, I think.

All that said, it is interesting.

Now, 30-odd years later, I don't drink beer any more for medical reasons. Heh. Enjoy it while you can :)


Thedrunner2 t1_jacgsh4 wrote

Anecdotally have notice a lot of teenagers at my kids school are heavily into energy drinks. I suspect as they get a bit older beer will outpace it


LANDVOGT-_ t1_jacrif4 wrote

Is this in the us? Then I would understand it. But anywhere with a decent beer, this would be insane.


TargetMost8136 t1_jaelpwr wrote

No wonder energy drinks are incredibly popular in Germany then