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PlannerSean t1_j925bsp wrote

I use Hello Fresh and am liking it at lot. A lot less plastic waste than Good Food, which we used to have.


H_Lunulata t1_j926lec wrote

We did them nearly every week fro about a year. Saved all the cards. Now we do 1 week a month or so to get some new cards, and the rest of the time we sort of randomly select 3 cards, buy groceries for the 4-person versions and make those, giving us 6 meals each and on the 7th day we order out :)


We found Good Food had harder recipes that occasionally required a obscure kitchen tools. And as you mentioned, holy avocados do they overpackage. It was very good food, but we didn't like the wastage and weren't always up to the challenge of their "use every pot in your house" recipes.


PlannerSean t1_j9274j1 wrote

Yeah that’s a good point about Good Food I hadn’t remembered. The HF ones definitely are easier.


Amag140696 t1_j928qre wrote

I use Everyplate, their cheaper counterpart, and really enjoy it too overall. I've been using them for over a year now and they're constantly changing the packaging though. Sometimes they only use paper filling, sometimes it's thick cardboard inserts, sometimes they wrap every veggie individually, sometimes they're loose, sometimes they use two of those ice packs or just one. It's frustrating seeing some improvements only for them to go back to more plastic. Very inconsistent...


j_cruise t1_j92o2k4 wrote

We've been using it for at least three years. Personally, it's changed my life. It's made me into a better cook altogether, even when not using their recipes, and tbh even taught me how to better shop for ingredients on my own (for the days when I don't make a Hello Fresh). Its also introduced me to a ton of food I didn't know about.


Amity83 t1_j93j149 wrote

We used it for many years and finally stopped last fall. We were always impressed by the produce quality, but something fell off hard last year. We finally had to cancel because it got so bad. It’s a shame we really enjoyed it for a long time.