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Icy_Cut_5572 t1_j968dxd wrote

I looked at this for 5 minutes before going wtf is Xe/Ze (no offence)


ypsksfgos t1_j96bm4l wrote

Yeah I'm wondering the same, is it some new shorthand for they/them?


gheebutersnaps87 t1_j981sm5 wrote

No, these are called neopronouns and are something different, but similar concept


etherealimages t1_j96txfp wrote

I personally prefer they/them or he/they so it's not like I'm completely confused by choosing your own pronouns,,,,,, but xe/ze does just feel kinda pointless to me. "They/them" is perfectly fine and doesn't make you sound like an alien, but idk maybe I'm missing something


tomtttttttttttt t1_j96w4kr wrote

It would be nice to have different words for the singular they and plural they, but I don't think xe/ze is it, nor do I think it's a big issue since context usually makes it clear, but not always.


throwbarrieaway OP t1_j96u5e3 wrote

Xe and Ze are two examples of gender pronouns commonly called neopronouns. So if you followed somebody on this site that had one of those options selected in the settings, you might get a notification like "Exampleperson added Puss in Boots: The Last Wish to zir watchlist."

Neopronouns are sets of pronouns like He/him/his, She/her/her or They/them/their that people have coined recently and that aren't used historically. They are used primarily by nonbinary people, though some surveys indicate only a minority of nonbinary people use them, and often they will also be okay with people using non-neopronouns as well.

If you want to read more about neopronouns you can read this article:

Or this survey on how nonbinary people use language like pronouns:


FFIFISISHFISHFISH t1_j96zp7i wrote

Xe and zir are barely used by anyone though. Like 100 theys for every one Xe


Tommyblockhead20 t1_j97i6xn wrote

One, why not show data from those who use they/them? Two, how many people who use xe/ze use that site? If that data is from like 8 people, it shouldn’t really be used.


sorgan71 t1_j97w03y wrote

neopronouns are a fucking joke made to make the trans community look stupid.


gheebutersnaps87 t1_j983dsn wrote

Neopronouns are usually used by neurodivergent (more specifically autistic) people, and they help them identify themselves in their own way that they often can’t with the already established pronouns.

It’s harmless and it helps people to be themselves.


sorgan71 t1_j983xqa wrote

Its harmful to NB people. Pronouns are not a way to identify your personality or mental disorders, they are a part of english. They make trans people look like fools.


gheebutersnaps87 t1_j984vrp wrote

They don’t,

you’re just being unnecessarily hateful;

-Signed, a NB person


sorgan71 t1_j9851d6 wrote

Nah. You are actively trying to make NBs look like a joke.


gheebutersnaps87 t1_j985g7v wrote

I’m glad you are telling me I’m wrong on this, clearly you would know more then me


Impulsive94 t1_j98070w wrote

So in short it's some bullshit made up for use by a tiny minority within a minority, that nobody here understands or cares for. Just use they/them.


[deleted] t1_j96fud5 wrote



Karrottz t1_j96njui wrote

No it's not. Singular they has been in the english language for hundreds of years, even Shakespeare used it.


RyeZuul t1_j96nrfr wrote

It's not technically incorrect, it just 'feels' like it is because it's uncommon. It's been used as a gender-exempt singular pronoun for well over a century, although the non-binary adoption is relatively new.


mikeymanza t1_j97039n wrote

They is not a plural pronoun its an ambiguous pronoun that can be used for plurality


jsvcycling t1_j9608ey wrote

As a guy, apparently my movie tastes are significantly more she than he or xe.

Edit: typo


etherealimages t1_j96tmga wrote

That's because the movies in the "he" section were basically all made with 8 year old boys in mind. Take it as a good thing that your taste doesn't completely align with that lol


ZhangRenWing t1_j96vey9 wrote

Not to mention there’s like twice as much movies in the two other sectors lol


two_in_the_bush t1_j97u760 wrote

As opposed to movies like Scarface (Ze) and Princess Bride (She) that are super adult oriented.


Shot-Spirit-672 t1_j9809aw wrote

Aw are you insulted? All the other sections have like 3 times more movies listed than in the he section so your rebuttal kinda sucks ass

Adult Men being tasteless idiots is a completely normal and justified stereotype that you don’t need to fight against

And I say this as an adult male


appleparkfive t1_j966w19 wrote

Was thinking the same thing. Really interesting breakdown between the genders


etherealimages t1_j96thdn wrote

Princess Mononoke is so good that everyone likes it.

Also, Why the Xer pronouns and not just they/them? I don't know anybody that goes by Xer, but I know many people who prefer "they". Just curious.


throwbarrieaway OP t1_j96upgi wrote

You can see my main comment for more details, but the website default is They/their, so they didn't release a summary because it would be less indicative of gendered preference.


Time_Piglet_6603 t1_j980bgc wrote

All pronouns that aren’t He or She are just dumb


jjeenniiffeerr t1_j9815a3 wrote

Not really necessary or related to the conversation at hand.


Schadrach t1_j9a3hjy wrote

More relevant is that the xe/ze crowd are going to be younger on the whole, what with insisting on a neologism for a basic part of speech to refer to them.


Time_Piglet_6603 t1_j9i7lnx wrote

Yet and still you’ve acknowledged me I must be saying something! You mad lol


etherealimages t1_j994wtd wrote

That doesn't really make sense. It's a very dismissive thing to say. you probably use "they" a few times a day at least.

Do you know about sexual dimorphism in humans? Do you know that gender isn't biological? Do you know that preferred pronouns can also be isolated from the idea of gender? Yea idk. Open your mind and do some research


welltherewasthisbear t1_j960efx wrote

Interesting how most of the movies in the she category have female protagonists or showcase a female in a more prominent role. Similar sentiment on the He category with the exception of Halloween 1978.


Relevated t1_j961i0x wrote

What was the methodology used to determine which circle a movie would fall into?


throwbarrieaway OP t1_j967rqd wrote

See my main comment for more of a breakdown, but it's a venn diagram of the top 100 movies for users with each set of pronouns. Jaws was just on the He list so it goes in the blue section, Moonlight was on the He and She lists so it goes in the purple, and Her was on all three so it goes in the white.


throwbarrieaway OP t1_j95thpb wrote

The source for this diagram are the full lists of the 100 top favorite movies on Letterboxd, which you can read here:

These lists were compiled in September 2022, so partially reflect the popularity of movies at the time. The top movies in each of these lists are:

All Users She/her He/him Xe/xyr, Ze/hir, Ze/zir
1. Interstellar La La Land Interstellar Interstellar
2. La La Land Little Women (2019) The Dark Knight Fight Club
3. Fight Club Pride & Prejudice (2005) Whiplash The Dark Knight
4. Parasite 10 Things I Hate About You Fight Club Whiplash
5. Whiplash Dead Poets Society Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse The Shawshank Redemption
6. Everything Everywhere All At Once Parasite Parasite Pulp Fiction
7. The Dark Knight Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Pulp Fiction American Psycho
8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Lady Bird Everything Everywhere All At Once GoodFellas
9. Spiderverse Interstellar The Empire Strikes Back Parasite
10. Pulp Fiction Portrait of a Lady on Fire La La Land Taxi Driver

On Letterboxd accounts are referred to by the pronouns They/their by default. In the settings people can opt to change it to He/his, He/their, She/her, She/their, Xe/xyr, Ze/hir, Ze/zir or It/its. It's assumed that each of these lists covers all the options that include She, He and Xe/Ze. They and It users aren't covered in these lists. The diagram shows only the overlapping presence of movies in the top 100 for each pronoun set.

This project has been sitting open on my computer for 5 months now, and has gone through a lot of revision. I was initially sucked in by the Letterboxd logo and style that seemed to beg to be turned into a Venn diagram, but I never got to the point where I thought it was perfect, so I hope people think it's at least interesting.

I made this using google sheets and the graphics program GIMP.


WhyAreYouUpsideDown t1_j96vksr wrote

Great illustration of how men and boys are not taught to care about women-focused stories, while women are taught to be interested in leads of all genders. Just looking at the sheer number of movies that only she/her folks like.

I don’t know if the xe/ze data tells us much, I can’t imagine the n was very high. Interesting about the studying overlap with he/him though! They/them would have been interesting!


AndrasKrigare t1_j977a9y wrote

I'm not sure it's a great illustration of that; I'm fairly certain that there are a higher percentage of major movie releases that have male leads (which is a problem in itself).

To make up some numbers as an example, since I haven't counted from the diagram, if 70% of major movies had male leads, and 70% of the movies in the he/him category were male leads, it would show no bias in that group for their preferred lead. In the same scenario, if 50% of movies in the she/her has female leads, it would actually show a bias, as it differs from the general ratio. And if he/him were 80 male and she/her were 40% female it'd show a somewhat similar bias on both sides.

Again, I'm not saying that any of those numbers are real, nor that your conclusion that he/him have more bias in preferred leads than she/her is false. I'm just saying that this graph and underlying "study" don't necessarily illustrate that.


twoshotsofoosquai t1_j97ftkj wrote

Both are true. There are more male-focused stories, and boys are not taught to care about female-focused stories, and this goes beyond film and television and into books. JK Rowling famously went by "JK" instead of her first name (when she didn't actually have a K middle name) because publishers knew boys were less likely to read a book by a woman.


AndrasKrigare t1_j97h170 wrote

Again, I'm not saying contrary, just that this post is not evidence for which group is biased. It only shows that at least one of them differs from a hypothetical baseline.

I would be interested in a study or evidence for it. The JK Rowling example is interesting, but is only definitive insofar as it shows the publisher's belief in the statement, but isn't by itself strong evidence that it is true.


JockAussie t1_j96pts3 wrote

It seems nobody has said Terminator 2 (or I can't see it). Clearly a flawed dataset unless I am going blind.


throwbarrieaway OP t1_j96slmb wrote

For people curious about a missing movie, you can see how many users have selected it by going to the page for the movie on the website and looking on the right side above the bar graph of the ratings.

You'll see here that Terminator 2 has 8.1k "fans", which are people that have chosen it. It's hard to tell how many users overall you'd need to make it onto one of these lists, but the movie with the fewest, The Worst Person in the World (ranked 100 on She), has 11k total fans.


JockAussie t1_j96t0n9 wrote

That's interesting. Thanks for commenting, guess people these days just have no taste regardless of pronoun choice :)


titiolele t1_j96pxus wrote

Can anyone explain about these new pronouns? Xe and Ze… I never heard about it!


ZhangRenWing t1_j96vl5y wrote

Same, why not just use the singular they? It already exists why make something up?


laserdicks t1_j97rrbg wrote

Because it also refers to multiple people, which can be confusing if the subject hasn't been clearly defined each time.


jabberwockgee t1_j97zmnk wrote

I recently had a stupid interaction about a they/them pronoun, I asked the person I was talking something about 'them' and they misinterpreted who I was talking about since we were discussing a professional whose gender was unknown in addition to a coworker (who I did not know used they/them pronouns and was irrelevant to the question I asked). But my coworker got offended at me on the they/them coworkers behalf for no reason.

You know what would solve this? Literally any other pronoun for non-binary people.


Nordalin t1_j98671s wrote

>You know what would solve this? Literally any other pronoun for non-binary people.

Yep, and then they get upset for all being grouped together. The winning move is to not play this game at all.


gheebutersnaps87 t1_j984hc9 wrote

Neopronouns are often used by neurodivergent (mainly autistic) people. It helps them define their own sense of identity that they can’t with already established pronouns.

Neurodivergent people are constantly feeling boxed in by things and different social constructs that can be difficult for them to recognize or sometimes understand. Many neurodivergent people feel they don’t quite fit in either category, especially not within neurotypical spaces, neopronouns are just a way to help them break free a little bit, establish their own identity and their own rules, rather then feeling boxed in


ghudnk t1_j9d4cwp wrote

Is it your experience that folks who use they/them pronouns, or who don’t identify as cis, are largely neurodivergent anyway? At least that’s been my assumption…


gheebutersnaps87 t1_j9da14t wrote

I mean yeah, there is that aspect of being queer that is going against societal and social norms and that falls in line with being neurodivergent and being less likely to adapt to said norms, and more likely to think outside the box, be themselves without worrying about judgement.

Pretty sure there’s a statistic that’s something like 70% of people with autism identify as “non-heterosexual”.


[deleted] t1_j96ogxn wrote

So essentially Xe/Ze are dudes in spirit?

(Please translate "dudes" or "in spirit" into whatever gender gets you to not hate me, I'm highlighting the overlap, idc about whatever debate is going on)


Jo_Bar t1_j97a3fl wrote

Yeah, the sizes of the overlapping regions are very interesting. I would have thought the neopronoun group would evenly overlap with he and she groups. But they're significantly more overlapping with the he group. The he group even has more in common with the she group than the xe/zes.

I wouldn't read into this result though. It's probably more of a result of app usage demographics than gendered tastes.


baydew t1_j96yc7r wrote

I enjoyed this graphic! I think you have to read it with the methodology clear in mind but its interesting to see. This is the link in the post, which links to the three lists OP pulled from.

I went to make a profile to see how this works, and some context. As OP notes, when you make a profile, you can add up to four favorite films -- the lists are based on counting up people's favorite films. Also OP explain in a another comment the website never asks for your gender -- if you go to your profile, its default they/their -- as in "u/baydew listed Spirited Away as their favorite film" -- which is usually how websites refer to their users in automated messages. You can change this to another pronoun set in your profile if you choose to ('her', 'his', 'xe', 'ze'. also 'it' is on the list?..)

Most people probably don't touch this setting at all, but as you can see of people who do change their pronouns, those who pick 'she' do watch a different set of films from 'he'. I think its hard to interpret 'ze/xe' -- for example, I dont think its unreasonable to believe that a good chunk of 'ze/xe' are boys being silly, especially since they/their is already the default and usually the most popular choice for non-binary pronouns in most surveys by far.

Finally, I'll note that based on the lists, two movies with very large gender gaps between 'He' and 'She' are:

  • "The Empire Strikes Back", skewed to men (#9 in He, not in top 100 for 'She', #23 on 'Ze/Xe')
  • "Little Women", skewed towards women (#2 in She, not in to 100 for He or Ze/Xe)

John_Doe4269 t1_j963geg wrote

Shout out to Scarface, Synecdoche, Persona, and Shrek 2 enjoyers. Easily my favourite gender.


Luckedout_ t1_j967muw wrote

So we all agree that Brad Pitt movies are cool, I see 3 in the white circle at first glance.


december-32 t1_j96pz8l wrote

I don't believe only one category chose Shrek 2 as their favourite movie.


gheebutersnaps87 t1_j983n1x wrote

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I don’t see the original Shrek, which makes Shrek 2 being included so much weirder


starboycowgirl t1_j96b52s wrote

Shutter island and howls moving castle are in my top 5 movies and I’m also a she/neo pronouns lol


katsumojo t1_j964ixq wrote

Where TF is LOTR? WHAT AM I?


throwbarrieaway OP t1_j967bkr wrote

Fellowship was on all 3 lists, Return of the King was on He and Xe/Ze. They were ranked highest on the He list.


katsumojo t1_j97ekgb wrote

Oh thank God, I was beginning to suspect i was a he


Figshitter t1_j970lyf wrote

The main takeaway I’m getting from this is that everyone has terrible taste, regardless of gender.


thegapbetweenus t1_j96y2ey wrote

Nah, you will never convince me that there is a person out there that has Come and See as their favourite movie.


LargeCharge87 t1_j97bdn6 wrote

I’m calling BS on this. There’s no way that any Evangelion movie would be anyone’s favorite movie.


throwbarrieaway OP t1_j97cyio wrote

I've never seen the movie or any part of the Evangelion franchise, but it's really highly regarded. The End of Evangelion has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 10 reviews, and is regularly listed as one of the best anime movies of all time. A lot of movie-adjacent people like it. Wes Anderson, for example, considered it one of the 10 best animated movies ever. On Letterboxd it's the 22nd highest rated movie and 6% of people that have watched it call it one of their favourite movies.


greenglasstree t1_j97et89 wrote

The internet is skewed towards introverts, and anime skews introverted.

What's interesting is that introverts from Western nations prefer even live action Japanese films. Why do Western introverts like Japan, not just anime, but food, culture, language, live action film, music, clothing, history, and social values?


LargeCharge87 t1_j97gemu wrote

I just meant like, they’re all a horrible retelling of the last couple episodes. Like why?


Minute_Top7042 t1_j9821zc wrote

I’m so surprised Joker isn’t the favorite film of more women hahah just kidding could u imagine


chloralhydrat t1_j96u84d wrote

... so, from statistical point of view - xe/ze is actually a he. xe/ze has huge overlap with he, but very limited overlap with she, while at the same time there is a large amount of "she-only" flicks.


Practical-Marzipan-4 t1_j97nt62 wrote

I noticed that as well. Xe/ze definitely shares a lot more commonality with he than with she.


agentouk t1_j973p0u wrote

Looks like I need to change my pronouns to Xe based on these film choices!


Yourbubblestink t1_j975asm wrote

How come he and xe have so many in common but nobody else?


EisenAlchemist t1_j97hzn5 wrote

Looks like pronouns aside we can all agree on one thing: Killin nazis (if you didn’t read that in brad pitts voice read it again)


HeyJude21 t1_j97ipax wrote

Reservoir Dogs in the Xe category but not Moonlight? Haha I’m not buying it.


redictedtoreddit t1_j97ovm1 wrote

I’ll save you some time. None is this makes sense, even the detailed explanation. It’s all bullshit. Looks like shit too.

Edit: none of it!!!


Shot-Spirit-672 t1_j97zaog wrote

Statistically men have shit taste

Also I’ve always wanted to see synecdoche NY


Designing_Data t1_j96giqt wrote

Correlation does not immediately offer a proof for causation