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ASoloTrip90000 OP t1_j9d5y4h wrote

The terms "foreign language," "world language," and "language other than English" are often used interchangeably even though they are not the same. For example, most schools in California have Spanish classes for both native and non-native speakers. Likewise, it is common to see ASL housed in "foreign language" departments. Truth be told, I just used the term "foreign language" since I thought it would be most recognizable to the reader.


betterpinoza t1_j9dtlm8 wrote

Housing ASL with foreign languages makes sense. Despite the name, the grammar has little to do with English. I'm pretty sure it's based off French sign (and thus French) and was made by some dude who was either Fench or loved French.

Hell, it's apparently considered a creole of French Sign.


formerlyanonymous_ t1_j9dpvqh wrote

Texas allows not only ASL but certain computer programming languages as well.