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UsefulEngine1 t1_j9g30am wrote

So you're saying to win you have to score more goals than the other guys


Hyper-Fluid OP t1_j9g61tl wrote

Actually, on average, no! You could imagine losing by 5 goals for 4 games (-20 differential) and then winning by 1 goal for 6 games (+6 differential). On average you are -14 diff, but a winning record.

As a counter example, consider the Raiders (NFL) last preseason game and first 6 regular season games from this past season. Their scoring differential was +20, but their record was 3-4. I'm sure there are more extreme real life examples when you can have a highly positive (or negative) scoring differential, along with a counterintuitive record.

FWIW, the Canes and the Kings are actually overperforming (they are winning more games than you would expect, given their scoring differential), so far this season.


NarcissusLovesEcho t1_j9g7axj wrote

In baseball, this is called the Pythagorean W-L stat. It correlates very strongly with actual W-L but not perfectly. Some teams over/underperform.


Hyper-Fluid OP t1_j9gdvgd wrote

Cool, I haven't heard of that before!

Edit: Actually I just ran through calculating this stat. The comparison with points is pretty much the same as the above, as you might expect. Comparing this stat to the goal differential though; every team is on a tight line with the exception of the ducks, who are underperforming (relative to this statistic). Plots here:


merkaba_462 t1_j9gwn9d wrote

Bruins are going to clinch by early March while Metro goes full thunderdome, as if it isn't always the thunderdome...but I mean FULL...until April.


BBOoff t1_j9js2hd wrote

No it won't.

We already know that Boston is coming first, Toronto will play Tampa (home ice to be decided), and the only thing left to play for is which team gets to lose to Boston in R1.


AaronnotAaron t1_j9ka0c3 wrote

love detroit being absolutely mid


H_Lunulata t1_j9g08er wrote

Montreal, Chicago, Detroit... you're O6 teams... we expect you to be further up and right!


Hyper-Fluid OP t1_j9g0w6i wrote

At this point I just feel bad for the Blackhawks (and the Ducks)


H_Lunulata t1_j9g7248 wrote

Don't worry. Soon the Leafs will be losing the playoffs and all will be normal again.


rug1998 t1_j9i409w wrote

Good teams score more goals on the opponent than the opponent scores on them.