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hotfezz81 t1_j9oq8jk wrote

This doesn't even give the option of "won't allow remote work". I've literally dismissed jobs for not allowing WFH on my job hunt.


rabbiskittles t1_j9osau8 wrote

My guess is those got rolled into “Other reasons”, “personal reasons”, or even “long commute”.


H_Lunulata t1_j9p1l1e wrote

I find there's way, way, way too many people who think they can get a "job" that involves them staying home and getting mailed cheques direct deposit, sight unseen. In the past 12 months, I've rejected half a dozen candidates who figured they could Work From Home (tm) all the time.

The silly thing is that most of the work is, in fact, WFH available, but there is a component that requires on-site work (literally, it's not "management wants to see you", it deals with sensitive information handling).

I kind of wish people who want the sit-home-get-cheques job would put that right at the top of the CV so they're easier to weed out and not waste my time or theirs.