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H_Lunulata t1_j9p0guq wrote

When I was young, money swayed me a lot more than it did by the time I was in my mid-30's.

Most jobs I've turned away were because the place looked like some kind of toxic slave pit. We're talking big red flags like "The work week here is 40 hours, but realistically most people put in 50+" "oh, so you pay, like time and a half for overtime?" "No, we are looking for people motivated by more than money." "Ah, I see, so you want free work. Gotcha." One could argue that's a case of low wage, but to me it's more "we expect you to be completely subservient to the company" - basically any time they mention some thing like "sweat equity" you know they mean "we expect you'll be donating a lot of free work to the company and we don't care about anything in your personal life."

I've seen managers mistreat (IMO) employees during an interview, that's a huge red flag.


sskoog t1_j9t0rpa wrote

>managers mistreat employees during an interview... that's a huge red flag

This is my answer too. If I sniff some bad interpersonal chemistry during the interview process, it's almost always a no. Barring absolute desperation, the higher wage (probably) won't offset hate-my-life-in-12-to-15-months, or, worse, step-into-some-pit-yielding-months-of-unemployment.