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Wilt_The_Stilt_ t1_j9rjd17 wrote

This chart is ill-suited for the analysis your title is trying to suggest. It’s extremely difficult to deduce the gap between races at each age group without looking at each line at each vertical value bar and recreating the source table by hand.

For a comparison it would be better to have 1 line for each generation that plots the gap between the two over time. That way you could, at a glance, say that the gap was wider or narrower for a certain generation at a specific age compared to another generation at the same age.


mion81 t1_j9tqhd1 wrote

In fact, it is impossible to look at the chart (however carefully) and verify the statement in the title. The boomer lines are narrowing. We would need to know the overall size of each cohort to weight them and compare them in aggregate.


darexinfinity t1_j9x08v9 wrote

Having a White - Black line for each generation should help. If the gap really is getting worse then the difference should get higher for each generation.