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King-Of-Rats t1_j9tgt1y wrote

Eh, that seems right to me.

If you’ve only lived in large cities your entire life then… yeah, every house you see is going to be like $400,000.

A lot of America just doesn’t live in those cities and never has. If you are living in Idaho or Montana there are a lot of places where you can still get a house pretty comfortably with some degree of dual income (or just one decent job).


RSomnambulist t1_j9tla1g wrote

83% of Americans are living in urban areas, so uh, what?


King-Of-Rats t1_j9u2g64 wrote

well, 1, that’s nearly 20% of people able to afford a home much more easily. And 2. Please look at the definition of urban under whatever source you’re getting that figure from and relay it to me


King-Of-Rats t1_j9u7l2v wrote

Are you dumb or something. I asked for how your source (and in this case, your sources source) defines “urban populations”.


RSomnambulist t1_j9v92kn wrote

I'm not going to read it for you. You asked for the source. There you go.


King-Of-Rats t1_j9vdsm2 wrote

No I didn’t you fucking idiot lmao. I asked how they defined “urban“ within your source and you’re too brain dead to both comprehend me and also to know that your source is referencing yet another one - which you haven’t read.


Youre a moron who just googled for the fastest article they could get to support your point without having any clue what you’re talking about. The world is worse for you being on it. May god have mercy on your parents for they must live with the guilt of your existence


InspectorG-007 t1_j9topls wrote

Hence the migration pattern the last couple years with people leaving the cities.

Cities are too expensive regardless of race.


RSomnambulist t1_j9tz9n3 wrote

The 2050 figure is 89%. I don't see people moving out of cities, just into smaller, cheaper ones. I'd be willing to bet that the result of that will be the urbanization of more almost-suburban areas in the future--more cities, rather than people living outside of one.


InspectorG-007 t1_j9u4zpr wrote

Possibly. Small Modular Reactors and Automated delivery systems could offset that.

Cost will be a limiting factor. Cities get exponentially more expensive as they build 'upwards' not just in dollar terms but also resource.


RSomnambulist t1_j9u73f7 wrote

I think a lot of this depends on if we ever actually get decent public transport like more trains.


InspectorG-007 t1_j9u7k7q wrote

In the 15 minute cities, sure. But out beyond?

Very unrealistic. How many billions will it cost City A with population 7,000 to City B population 2500 30 miles away?

At best, IMO, electric vehicles inside the big cities, hybrids and ICE out in the boonies.