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TheGeneGeena t1_jaoh5mi wrote

The LA AR TN crime triangle. I'm gonna blame the river damn it.

(That or MS somehow figured out how to send us all their criminals, and if so, take a few back and even out the stats damn it!)


ezbnsteve OP t1_japlyyt wrote

I am going to assume it is Memphis’s fault.


TheGeneGeena t1_japnxex wrote

New Orleans as well for LA. I'd think Little Rock might be contributing more to this since their violent crime stats have been up quite a lot over the last couple of years, but I think these are from 2019.


ezbnsteve OP t1_japoscb wrote

The link says 2020, but it’s Wikipedia, who knows? Birmingham is carrying all of the weight of Alabamians violence, with Montgomery picking up what’s left. Georgia has Atlanta, enough violence for the entire Southeast (this is per 100,000 people). I’ve been to Mississippi, heck I’ve been to jail in Mississippi, Mississippi is just failing to report statistics. No way is it not more Red.


TheGeneGeena t1_japqwq6 wrote

I definitely could have just misread in a hurry!

Mississippi and failing something is nothing new though, so I can absolutely believe they failed to accurately report.


bosssx t1_jaqn671 wrote

Mississippi looking good as hell here boy. Rubbing shoulders with Minnesota in the rankings. Damn fine showing, from a state that seems to live at the sad end of lists like this


Drill_on t1_jaqwb7k wrote

Shit list of territories missing St Croix, worst in the world. hahah


Neckrolls4life t1_jao79am wrote

I'm assuming Alaska is like 90% bear related.


ezbnsteve OP t1_japnpgy wrote

Alaska’s big cities are covered up with gang violence, alcoholism and drug use are rampant, and amongst the highest paid -the oil workers are some of the most violent. Then there is the weather, that alone makes you want to kill somebody. Or at least have a drink, then maybe…kill somebody…


Neckrolls4life t1_japqq9g wrote

So what you're telling me is someone got the bears drunk, taught them to drill for oil and forced them to join gangs? It's worse than I thought.


capybarawelding t1_jaq3uho wrote

Smaller samples are outliers. One crime for population of 100 people is 1k/100k, none is 0/100k. Consider AK, SD, MT.


HaAnotherLlama t1_jao93yq wrote

Get your shit together DC.


Pathetian t1_jas4bqg wrote

DC stats are bad, but its also that it's a territory that is literally just a city. It's naturally going to have skewed results compared to entire states.