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chugga_fan t1_jaw0sfn wrote

> You gave one example and it literally wasn't a parsable English sentence. So you gave zero examples.

T.D Adler, Ryulong, Carl Benjamin's page where he's accused of harassment despite direct video evidence proving to the contrary (again the secondary sources bias). The entire scientific journal on how the holocaust pages are biased in favor of forgetting polish crimes.

"One example"


SSG_SSG_BloodMoon t1_jaw3cdv wrote

Are you now saying that "ryulong" did nothing wrong? Thought you were saying the opposite.

This is the first time you've mentioned the third person.

So yeah... Literally actually one example


chugga_fan t1_jaw3ho0 wrote

I only passingly mention Carl, T.D Adler did nothing wrong for calling out CoI on admins. Ryulong is a pagesquatter who still fundamentally shapes that page to this day.

You are actually just illiterate.


SSG_SSG_BloodMoon t1_jaw4l22 wrote

I'm illiterate huh. Interesting. So count for me, how many examples of:

> actual human beings who did nothing wrong and got banned for it.

, which is the thing I quoted and replied to, had you given.

Hint: it's one.