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okwaitno t1_jaxjvxm wrote

Unfortunately not my experience. I have wasted hours on mid-level pages that I have expert knowledge about, making detailed, thoughtful changes that were immediately reverted back. As a result I have simply given up. I have spoken to others in same situation. Mod communication is a nightmare, they seem to rule with iron fist. I can only believe the platform is poorer for it.


snozzberrypatch t1_jaycq1i wrote

What general topic do you have expert knowledge about, just out of curiosity?


okwaitno t1_jazc1oe wrote

Sorry but I prefer not to share that, as it will then be clear which pages I am referring to. And my level of knowledge is not visible to a mod anyway. They make decisions on their own terms irregardless. I’m sure you are aware of these issues, it’s hardly a new thing. Wikipedia ceased to be easy to edit long ago.


snozzberrypatch t1_jb0an83 wrote

Sure, that's totally understandable. However, in over a decade of editing Wikipedia, I've never ever ever heard someone refer to a WP admin as a "mod". Wikipedia does not have moderators. The purpose of an admin is not to moderate or review the content that is being written. In fact, when it comes to pure content decisions, the opinion of an admin is not given any more weight than anyone else's opinion.

If you've edited there for as long as you said, you'd probably know all of that already. So, not that it matters, but I kinda think you're not really a regular contributor.


okwaitno t1_jb30333 wrote

Correct, I’m not a regular contributor anymore, and haven’t been for years, for the reasons outlined.

Technically true yes the title is admin not mod, perhaps I have grown accustomed to Redditspeak. Although on reflection, there is little actual difference. If a Wiki admin rejects edits that you spent hours crafting, you have little recourse. You may argue the semantics, but at the end of the day, what they say goes.

I tried to discuss multiple times when fair edits were rejected, and was never, ever successful. So like many, I just gave up.

Enjoy your power. I’ve found more meaningful ways for me to contribute to society.