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charmingpea t1_jav1quy wrote

Now do it with a proper Y axis.


thatthatguy t1_jav3h5s wrote

This is one of those graphs where starting it at zero would really help.


Gump_Wumper t1_jav4gtt wrote

Though I feel like a 50% increase is significant enough that this isn’t too bad


Ultimarad t1_jav3a4g wrote

Quickly before a politician says knife crime increased 20 fold from 2015 to 2018.


nouserforoldmen t1_javg4a7 wrote

Never. The Tories obviously ruined the UK recently.

As a hopelessly uninformed American, I have seen all I need to see. Nuance is for weak men who poor the milk before the hot water. The day in 1979, when Thatcher took office is a day that will live in infamy eternal.

Boris Johnson was clearly part of the whole thing. Everything would have been different, if only Labour was in power. (People everywhere would stop othering their fellow human being, if only the other wasn’t empowered).


LeBonCharlie t1_jav3vw2 wrote

> Smashes 10 points in plt.plot()


> data is beautiful

Come on


Splyce123 t1_jav1mm3 wrote

Can you define "knife crime offences"?


ShreckAndDonkey123 OP t1_jav1tmq wrote

The source's definition is 'The number of knife and offensive weapon offences dealt with by the Criminal Justice System (CJS)'.


aShittierShitTier4u t1_javanrv wrote

Doesn't every Englishman have to, by law, have a longbow? What are the numbers for crimes done with bow and arrows?


ShreckAndDonkey123 OP t1_jav1uqk wrote

Although remove that offensive weapons part, this graph is only knife offences.


Splyce123 t1_jav28gv wrote

So these figures don't represent someone having an injury or killed with a knife. It doesn't even represent a knife being used in an attack.

The vast majority of these offences will be where the police have searched a person (usually in the normal course of dealing with an unrelated crime) and found a knife on their person. In the UK carrying a knife without a reasonable reason is an offence.


ShreckAndDonkey123 OP t1_jav2jvx wrote

In hindsight, there could've also been a line on the graph for homicides by knife. There isn't really data available for attacks involving a knife, as far as I am aware, or at least not data for each year from 2012-2021


greatdrams23 t1_jav73os wrote

Yes, and the number of knives found friends greatly in the number of times police look for them.


Vast-Development-464 t1_jawvfbd wrote

lmao did you just make a shitty plot from 10 data points and then posted it on data is beautiful?


AnyOldNameNotTaken t1_jav4fsh wrote

Reported knife crime in London. The true number is likely vastly higher than this for all years.


aShittierShitTier4u t1_javax6i wrote

When people ask, "how are you doing?", They don't really mean that they are willing to hear about your getting stabbed or cut. It's not proper.


ferrel_hadley t1_jav6jei wrote

So pandemic lockdown reduced crime.


st4n13l t1_javtdtj wrote

Not necessarily. It could just as easily be argued that pandemic lockdown simply reduced the number of random searches conducted.


GerardDiederikdeJong t1_jawlxq6 wrote

Notice how the chart starts at 10,000 offences already as it’s baseline?


deceptiveprophet t1_jawrlrj wrote

Is there any way to filter out posts like this and only get the beautiful data on my feed? Not only is this visually stale, the data itself is uninteresting.


PurringGun t1_jav3cfi wrote

anyone know why it was so high suddenly?


Dabonthebees420 t1_jav42y7 wrote

Op has said this isnt 'knife attacks' just people arrested for having knifes.

Iirc Met Police upped their 'stop and search' policy around then, more people searched on street = more people arrested for having knifes.