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ShreckAndDonkey123 OP t1_jav1uqk wrote

Although remove that offensive weapons part, this graph is only knife offences.


Splyce123 t1_jav28gv wrote

So these figures don't represent someone having an injury or killed with a knife. It doesn't even represent a knife being used in an attack.

The vast majority of these offences will be where the police have searched a person (usually in the normal course of dealing with an unrelated crime) and found a knife on their person. In the UK carrying a knife without a reasonable reason is an offence.


ShreckAndDonkey123 OP t1_jav2jvx wrote

In hindsight, there could've also been a line on the graph for homicides by knife. There isn't really data available for attacks involving a knife, as far as I am aware, or at least not data for each year from 2012-2021


greatdrams23 t1_jav73os wrote

Yes, and the number of knives found friends greatly in the number of times police look for them.