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Rotlam t1_jaxdfu6 wrote

It seems like there's a lot of noise at the bottom-left of these distributions. It might be interesting to see if the top end of the noise is preceded by higher wind speeds/power generation or follows it.


Barra79 OP t1_jaxdsye wrote

Can you provide an x,y coordinate to better describe where on the map you mean please?


Rotlam t1_jaxj0yu wrote

Oh sure. My intuition is that wind speeds below the line of best fit (in the area of 2.5 GW from 5 km/h to 15 km/h) are below the line of best fit because the fan blades were slower (or zero) and don't operate well at low speeds.

Meanwhile the power generation of about 20 GW and ~14GW between 10 and 20 km/h might be because they had slowed down from a previous high point.


Barra79 OP t1_jaxrggl wrote

Yeah the wind turbines dont produce electricity until they reach their cut in speed which is around 15 to 20km/h I believe. Then they have a max output, somewhere around 55km/h. They also need to park at high wind speeds or risk getting damaged. You can see this more clearly here:


sploogmcduck t1_jazzr3b wrote

This would mean a single fit is innappropriate to describe the data.