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geek66 t1_jaxdtun wrote

Reply to comment by Barra79 in [OC] Wind Speed Vs Wind Power by Barra79

This one makes a little more sense to me, I would expect max power to be at lower speed than the original Germany based plot, and the decreasing power at high wind speed as they go offline and “park”


mfb- t1_jazsc80 wrote

OP is the total production in Germany, extremely windy conditions in Hamburg will usually come with less extreme winds elsewhere.


geek66 t1_jb0j5ut wrote

Exactly my point, so it dilutes the data, and gives misleading impression.


in_taco t1_jb0t9k1 wrote

Wind turbines derate earliest from 20 m/s and cut out around 30-40 m/s. On this graph it drops off at 14 m/s, so it doesn't fit.

Also I hate seeing powercurves in km/h. Nobody does that in the wind industry.


geek66 t1_jb0wcbc wrote

Point being, the original post did not reflect this behavior at all.


holgerschurig t1_jb3t37v wrote

Why not, it's SI units. Everyone (in europe) knows km/h and has a pretty good picture of it, e.g. from driving. So the selected units meets the intended audience.

I hate the "knots" or other measures. They should perhaps switch from BS units to SI units.


in_taco t1_jb3tcso wrote

Because you're plotting what's called a "powercurve". It's a standard figure in the wind industry, because wind is nearly always measured in m/s or knots.

I've worked with wind turbines for 11 years and made hundreds of powercurves. Never seen anyone use km/h before.