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DamonFields t1_jbmov1d wrote

Places people want to live in cost more.


scoobertsonville t1_jbmy82g wrote

This, I think the key is that when you are ready to buy a house search for a mid sized city (or as they say in China, second tier) the housing market is basically a bidding war for the best location in cities and given the us population is increasing by 1-1.5 million a year supply is always going to constrain in the massive cities, so mid tier expansion keeps everyone with the American dream imo. Remote work helps with this.


Electrical-Song19 t1_jbr9jfl wrote

Yeah despite these metrics there, San Diego will always be a very desirable place to live in with plenty of people wanting to move in for the people that want to move out.


So whenever you read about the waning demographics of the USA in the coming decade or two, realize that it's going to hit the most in cities that no one wants to live in. And places like San Diego are not going to be affected by that.


Iluvteak t1_jbye2lz wrote

It’s funny that the 1 million population increase per year is similar to the number of illegals that breach the border every year. Shut the border … fix the real estate market !