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True-Midnight-5013 t1_jdegzn9 wrote

This is a spreadsheet not a visualization. Let alone a beautiful one. What happened to this sub? Tableau Public might be my last resort.


Darwins_Dog t1_jdf0bn6 wrote

Seriouslt, it's just Excel and a couple of conditional formatting rules. I make these all the time, never thought of them as beautiful before.


kukukachu_burr t1_jdejplm wrote

Grids are listed as a visualization in MicrosStrategy and PowerBi, and I forget Tableau because I haven't used it since 2021 but you can definitely make grids in there. This is a simple one but you can reproduce pivot tables in grids. I disagree a table is not a visualization, just my opinion. Edit for spelling and to correct a point


True-Midnight-5013 t1_jdf4w44 wrote

Yeah you can also create spreadsheets in tableau and all the other tools. Doesn’t make them anything different and definitely not a good or even beautiful viz


kukukachu_burr t1_jdf8aqg wrote

I guess it depends on what your subjective criteria is. It sounds like the data itself isn't a factor for you. That's cool, but it is an opinion and not a fact


BobbyAlphaTango t1_jde0xnn wrote

Should include mean and median ratings for each series as well.

The fact that TNG has the best AND worst eppisode should scream for some statistical average information


Ultra_82 t1_jddwcif wrote

DS9 has some strong numbers.

Glad to see that it was always my favorite.


hendrixski t1_jdfpqfk wrote

DS9 was my favorite as well.

Though... I'm torn because Picard is better although Picard won't have as many seasons and it doesn't have the multi-season story arc about the dominion war and... It doesn't have Garak! But it is better.


_Face t1_jdeu91p wrote

Hey, join us in the newest Trek sub, r/Star_Trek_! q’Pla!


Jamie_251 t1_jdf2uns wrote

Isn’t this a successor sub to the one that got banned for brigading other subreddits and harassing people? Not sure this is one to join


_Face t1_jdf3vcj wrote

No. It is not. Please stop spreading misinformation.


Jamie_251 t1_jdf4owj wrote

I mean the last one was called r/star_trek, this one is the same but with another underscore added on the end so you can forgive me for being a little sceptical of that claim.


_Face t1_jdf59o5 wrote

The only characters allowed in the creation of subreddits is letters, numbers, and underscore. So the options are pretty limited, only so many ways to say Star Trek.


TriGN614 t1_jdese1c wrote

Ds9 was boring af, especially coming off of TNG


Jamie_251 t1_jdf1zw3 wrote

Really? I feel like DS9 is great as I’m watching it through for the first time. I even enjoyed the first 2 series even though, like TNG, they are not as good as what followed.


TriGN614 t1_jdf26xw wrote

My dads a Trekkie and said that things got better in ds9, but I couldn’t get past the first season


Jamie_251 t1_jdf4z59 wrote

That’s fair enough, but I am really enjoying the latter seasons of DS9. I think it is similar to TNG in that the first 2 seasons were not as good, but once they hit their strides they both became really good.


cgw3737 t1_jddw46h wrote

I've been watching Enterprise lately and I think it's slightly underrated


JCPRuckus t1_jdefza4 wrote

Have you gotten to season 3? Personally, I found it terrible, which really brought down an otherwise adequate average up until then... Also the series finalé is an atrocity.


cgw3737 t1_jdhlb2a wrote

You just don't have "Faith of the heart"


JCPRuckus t1_jdi1r3y wrote

Season 3 is also when they jazz that up, which makes it actually a bad song on top of being a bad Star Trek theme... 🤮


FlavorlessBiscuit t1_jdjtx4e wrote

I just recently started watching Enterpise as well, and I totally agree. I cane in with low expectations, but have been pleasantly surprised. As another commenter said, Season 3 was a bit rough but all in all I've enjoyed the series.


LongLastingStick t1_jddwhog wrote

Eh, it has some good parts particularly in the last season, but it's deservedly bottom tier with Picard and Voyager (and maybe TOS....)


Northman67 t1_jddxlcn wrote

It has some pretty awful episodes early on but it gets exceedingly good at the end. In my personal opinion that last season is some of the best Star Trek ever made. Luckily it's subjective so we don't have to agree lol.


LongLastingStick t1_jddyou4 wrote

Fair enough. I like the last season and wish there was another, it felt like it was really on the upswing. Shran as a regular? Yes please.

The xindi arc had its moments but overall just a worse Dominion.

My most recent rewatch takeaway was that T’Pol really carried the first seasons despite the insistence on her eye candy. Then the writers screw up her character and side line her at the end.


cgw3737 t1_jddy6yo wrote

I guess I just like Star Trek in general


mikevago t1_jdei3fq wrote

The first two seasons of Picard are a hot mess, but the third season has been terrific. I went in expecting a bunch of empty fan service, but they really delve into the TNG characters and how they've changed over time, and interrogate their relationship to Picard. And that's all balanced with some great action and mystery.


LongLastingStick t1_jdejpee wrote

I’m glad you’re enjoying it (most people seem to be!). I don’t totally agree on S3 but 🤷🏻‍♂️.

I like Patrick Stewart, I like the TNG cast, but Picard has been easily the worst new series for me, possibly the worst overall if it weren’t for TAS lol.


mikevago t1_jdel71l wrote

I agree the first two seasons were a huge waste of Patrick Stewart's talents. But they really righted the ship with the third and he has some terrific acting moments. (And Frakes really shines as both an actor and director)


LongLastingStick t1_jdemh5z wrote

For me it's the plotting (I haven't watched today's episode) -

  • Picard has a secret child that he never knew about, with his best friend, who also has special john wick powers
  • Bringing back the Dominion is great, except these are like, renegade super changelings that behave totally differently to the Founders we've already met. Also they've infiltrated the highest levels of the Federation, just like S1 Zhat Vash.
  • Hinging last week's episode on Ro Laren. It's great seeing Michelle Forbes again, but there's a lot of presumed emotional resonance for a character we haven't seen in 30 years.

It feels like *Nemesis-*level plotting.


twilightchickens t1_jdep2n6 wrote

Season 3 opens with a septuagenarian Dr. Beverly Crusher wasting a bunch of aliens with an assault rifle. This season is better than the earlier ones in the same way a smelly fart is better than shitting your pants.


twilightchickens t1_jdeo43z wrote

This data is ugly and I can’t believe that you didn’t even bother to have a row for the average rating for each series. That’s the single most important data point in whatever you’re trying to communicate here.

I also have no idea what your color coding means. And I’m also bothered by how your colored cells lack gridlines while the rest of the chart has them.

This is truly the worst post I’ve seen on this sub in quite some time.


InvisibleBlueUnicorn t1_jddy0ts wrote

Not everyone knows the TLAs on the top row.


insaneplane OP t1_jddzv6b wrote

It's a good thing, I know what s TLA is:-)

TOS: The Original Series TNG: The Next Generation DS9: Deep Space 9 VOY: Voyager ENT: Enterprise DSC: Discovery (you'll also see DIS) Short: Short Treks PIC: Picard LD: Lower Decks PRO: Prodigy SNW: Strange New Worlds

Now you are ready for r/startrek!


twilightchickens t1_jdeqqoz wrote

I know what all the words on the top row mean, but I don’t know what “TLAs” means. You’re a victim of your own observation.


GloatingSwine t1_jddu7wb wrote

TIL Code of Honor is not actually the worst rated episode of TNG after all. (It's the second worst)


IntotheWIldcat t1_jddy924 wrote

Gotta be the ghost sex episode, right?


MadcapHaskap t1_jddz31q wrote

It's probably Shades of Grey, because modern audiences.

Even though that's not even the worst episode to bookend season 2.


IntotheWIldcat t1_jde58e2 wrote

You're correct! Somehow Sub Rosa still has a 4.8 rating which I find extremely generous.

Also, lol. I can't believe season 2 started with Troi getting surprise pregnant from an alien and ended with a clip show.


MadcapHaskap t1_jde9owt wrote

I think it depends on how much you think Sub-Rosa is aware it's cheesy camp and how much you like that sort of thing.

Whereas even in '87 a stranger impregnating you in your sleep is very rape-y even with the sci-fi premise; then raising the rapist, Troi essentially abandoned to her new motherhood, Riker irritated he isn't the father/rapist ... the "It's a badly adapted phase II script" really shows.


paulc899 t1_jdef1r2 wrote

There was a writers strike then which was why a clip show occurred.


mikevago t1_jdehsl9 wrote

They were also hoping for an influx of new viewers (I forget what the cause for optimism was), and they wanted to catch people up on the series. And a clip show was the only way to do that in the pre-streaming era! (I think this was just barely in the VCR era, but you had to be a pretty hardcore fan to tape every episode)


ArvinaDystopia t1_jdhaztu wrote

Why would "non-modern audiences" be more generous with Shades of Grey? I'm 40 (is that non-modern?), and I do consider it pointless and pretty stupid.

That said, the worst is The Game.


MadcapHaskap t1_jdhft38 wrote

In the pre-youtube/streaming/filesharing era, people were a lot more forgiving of clip shows. Not that they were ever good, but now they get rated as the absolute worst, rather than being average-bad, which is contextually more realistic.

Now you can watch "Ten times Deanna uses her telepathy to deduce the obvious" on youtube, so a clip show is far more redundant than just being a spruced up rerun.


ArvinaDystopia t1_jdilpoc wrote

I hated them back in the day, too. You only get one episode per week, you look forward to it all week, and it's a clip show? That was very disappointing, back then.


Mddcat04 t1_jddzzgv wrote

The lowest is “Shades of Grey” the clip show that ends season 2. Which is kinda fair, but also kinda feels like cheating. Obviously it’s a bad and lazy episode, but it’s not aggressively offensive in the way Code of Honor is.


DevinCauley-Towns t1_jdfkl0i wrote

Sorry bud, but a crudely coloured spreadsheet is not data viz. Nevermind beautiful data viz. No one even knows what the colours here mean. Less text, more visual, and a legend would all be a good start.


LongLastingStick t1_jdducqw wrote

A little apples to oranges to compare pre- and post- Disco since the format is changed.

DSC - SNW is 194 episodes and only 125 live action. That’s comparable to Enterprise by itself.


Uberghost1 t1_jdfjc0o wrote

Something something recency bias...


Darklord_Bravo t1_jdenr0t wrote

The final season of Picard/TNG is killing it imo. Yeah, it's a nostalgia fest, but I'm eating it up and loving it. I don't care. It's light years better than the final TNG movie, and it will give them a sendoff that's been long overdue.


jnemesh t1_jdfdfuv wrote

Shows how bullshit this rating system is if STD gets higher ratings than TNG.


Arkadis t1_jdgxcvt wrote

This is the opposite of beautiful.


HobbittBass t1_jddw17e wrote

What can we learn from this?


2Basketball2Poorious t1_jde0m3e wrote

Maybe this is naïve, but a soft takeaway for me is that this kind of critical analysis (IMDB, not OP) is inarguably impacted by the timeliness of the rating, and so I suspect that the scores would like different if TOS, TNG et al had been reviewed by a contemporary IMDB.


JCPRuckus t1_jdeh72x wrote

I watched all of TOS a couple of years ago. The very good and great episodes completely make up for it. But most of the episodes are bad or terrible. And it's amazing how many times you could recycle a plot back when you could only watch a show when it aired once a week. Kirk must have talked a dozen AIs into self destructing by introducing them to the concept of a logical paradox.


LongLastingStick t1_jdenau1 wrote

TOS is more of a great cultural artifact than a "good" TV show.

The movies hold up, at least 2, 3, 4, and 6.


JCPRuckus t1_jdepuap wrote

>TOS is more of a great cultural artifact than a "good" TV show.

I agree. It's value is mostly in the subsequent material it inspired. But, again, the handful or two of truly great episodes really are all-timers that more than redeem the misses... The many, many misses... Lol


mikevago t1_jdeig5b wrote

I think it's fair to say the more recent shows have a higher bar to clear in the Golden Age of Television than the 90s-era shows did when they were essentially the only sci-fi on TV apart from X-Files.


insaneplane OP t1_jdh4j02 wrote

For me, the data was already interesting. I was surprised by the results.

I was not surprised by the mixed reception on here, but it has motivated me to up my game. I discovered how to download data from IMDB, so I may take a shot at a better visualization.

Thank you everyone for the learning experience.


InternationalAd4478 t1_jdetnha wrote

How come TNG has two worst rated episodes with different ratings? (I'm not a star trek fan)


Darwins_Dog t1_jdf1s79 wrote

The lowest is a flashback episode and as I understand it was only made because of a writer's strike. Since it wasn't planned I guess OP decided to look at the next worst as well.


SowiloPrime t1_jdf0uus wrote

Enterprise was WAY better than Voyager IMO.


Lopsided-Ad-6696 t1_jdfooa8 wrote

Haven't watched Prodigy, watched Picard through 2.1, and have seen all of the rest. I like Lower Decks best, then TNG, and SNW.


__System__ t1_jdewovc wrote

Well damn I'll have to give S3 of Picard a shot!

Can't wait for S2 of Strange New Worlds!! Dig that #1 😊


ArvinaDystopia t1_jdhbb8j wrote

Even the recency bias can't save Discovery.


Audrin t1_jdf0giw wrote

Lmfao the top rated Picard episode equals the top rated TNG? That's fucking hysterical. The worst TNG episode is better than the best Picard episode. I'd rather watch Dr. Crusher fuck a ghost for three hours than one minute of fucking Borg Jirarti or android clone Picard.


lellololes t1_jdh6w03 wrote

Season 3 of Picard would change your mind.

I think episode 6 leaned in too much on nostalgia, but the season started OK and just keeps getting better and better.

I felt like Picard got off to an interesting start at the beginning but completely fumbled the rest, and season 2 was not good, though it fleshed out some of his history, which may be of some interest - but the way they did it was weird.

But now I feel like Picard isn't some old dude wandering in to trouble. He feels like elder Picard should. Even Raffi is bearable now, if not one of the better characters.


Audrin t1_jdhdet7 wrote

I'm watching it. It's still not good. Everyone saying it's suddenly great has Stockholm syndrome.


It's much much better than Picard season 1 & 2, 10x better, but that's like going from a 0.1/10 to a 1/10.


There are TNG episodes that are 10/10 and the best Picard episode maybe reaches a 3. MAYBE.


lellololes t1_jdhkxi4 wrote

You can like the show or not, that's fine.

But I can say with confidence that your opinion that Shades or Gray is better than any episode of Picard is not something that many people would share.

I didn't care for season 1 and 2, but they had their moments too - and they were all better than the absolute worst of TNG. When your benchmark on a 1-10 scale is 0.1-1, you're being ridiculously hyperbolic.

I sentence you to repeated viewings of Shades of Gray, Sub Rosa, and Code of Honor!


insaneplane OP t1_jddrrtd wrote

Source Visualization prepared with Excel.

I hope this data is sufficiently beautiful for this sub! There is both complaining and gushing over so-called "Nu-Trek", so I wanted an easy comparison.


vindictivejazz t1_jddthas wrote

The problem with “Nu-Trek” is that they don’t periodically have some of the weirdest episodes of television I’ve ever seen. There needs to be an episode every season or so that just leaves you baffled as to how it ever made it on screen.


JCPRuckus t1_jdeg6kt wrote

Have you seen the fantasy storybook episode of Strange New Worlds?


sheogorath227 t1_jdew8d7 wrote

I enjoyed that one! It was the kind of silly nonsense I love about ST. Definitely less cringe than some of the bad old-Trek episodes.


GloatingSwine t1_jdfckok wrote

It's the curse of modern TV where everything has to be a slave to the arc. But also modern Trek where the first 85% of the series is them twiddling their thumbs over a season long mystery that they'll then resolve in a rush in the last three episodes.


kukukachu_burr t1_jdek3b1 wrote

I am working on a matrix right now for my job. I consider tables to count as visualizations, personally. They are even listed as such in both Microstrategy and PowerBi. I haven't used Tableau for a whole but you can make grids in there too. I think it is subjective, but this counts for me.


avl0 t1_jde96ha wrote

Discovery statistically the worst trek series? sounds right

Also what episode of picard got a 9.4!?


paulc899 t1_jdeggll wrote

The latest episode is at 9.3 so presumably that one when this was looked up. It will probably come down a bit but this season has been good. I don’t know if they’ll stick the landing though.


Tail_Nom t1_jdeqp61 wrote

The showrunner this season is the guy who did the 12 Monkeys series, which I quite liked. If opinions I respect stay positive by the end, I'll actually watch it (and give SNW a shot while I'm there).

I wasn't going to. Four seasons of Discovery and Two of Picard and I'm all out of good will toward the thing I used to love.


paulc899 t1_jdexi94 wrote

I know I’m just another echo on Reddit but SNW is fantastic.

I did enjoy the nostalgia in seasons 1 and 2 of Picard but they really fumbled the conclusions to each season. Which is why I’m not proclaiming season 3 a success until it’s done.


Tail_Nom t1_jdf6dtq wrote

I've heard that about SNW. The principle problem is the same with Seasons 2+ of LD: if I don't watch it, it's a nugget of potentially good Star Trek that, if I don't let it prove to me that it's bad, hypothetically might not be.

Honestly, I rather liked season 1 of Picard. It was a little wonky and the bits that weren't were basically Mass Effect with the serial numbers scrubbed off, but sure. (I've been trying to finish this thought about Picard, but I can't find a way to not be extremely unkind if I say anything else, so I'll stop there.)

Star Trek is just... not mine any more. It broke up with me. If Picard season 3 seems good, because I like this show runner theoretically, we'll get together and have a little fling, but that's about as far as I can take it.


SuperPowers97 t1_jdejy2t wrote

I feel like the new episodes of Picard are getting skewed ratings just because this season is a lot better than the last two seasons. It's pretty good but I don't really think it's as good as the best episodes of Deep Space 9.


avl0 t1_jdetqrs wrote

I see, interesting to hear season 3 of picard is better, I gave up halfway through season 2 just because it was so bad.


Skwisgaars t1_jdf6yhe wrote

It is a lot better so far. I dislike the Raffi scenes (but a certain returning TNG character makes it a bit bearable), but everything else has been pretty great and feels more like old school TNG (not just because of all the returning cast). Strange New Worlds is still easily the best new trek imo.