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True-Midnight-5013 t1_jdegzn9 wrote

This is a spreadsheet not a visualization. Let alone a beautiful one. What happened to this sub? Tableau Public might be my last resort.


Darwins_Dog t1_jdf0bn6 wrote

Seriouslt, it's just Excel and a couple of conditional formatting rules. I make these all the time, never thought of them as beautiful before.


kukukachu_burr t1_jdejplm wrote

Grids are listed as a visualization in MicrosStrategy and PowerBi, and I forget Tableau because I haven't used it since 2021 but you can definitely make grids in there. This is a simple one but you can reproduce pivot tables in grids. I disagree a table is not a visualization, just my opinion. Edit for spelling and to correct a point


True-Midnight-5013 t1_jdf4w44 wrote

Yeah you can also create spreadsheets in tableau and all the other tools. Doesn’t make them anything different and definitely not a good or even beautiful viz


kukukachu_burr t1_jdf8aqg wrote

I guess it depends on what your subjective criteria is. It sounds like the data itself isn't a factor for you. That's cool, but it is an opinion and not a fact