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kaneywest t1_jbu25rw wrote

Watching the Bucks just move left to right along the top all by themselves for a bit was enjoyable


VinhBlade t1_jbvcqsk wrote

I wonder how much of these stats genuinely reflects their matches performance though.

Assuming that as long that a team's rating is consistently moving upward/rightward over time, that would also mean that they're "winning" more matches / having a strong, explosive performance over time?

(vs. just staying in one spot, which means stagnant performance)


oliverlifts t1_jbvig2f wrote

As a Bucks fan, the hardest stretch of the season was late November into almost all of December; long road trip against mostly great teams. Never lost a game in February and had the franchise’s 4th longest win streak at 16 games.


Wind_14 t1_jbvigax wrote

Because NBA season is 82 games, the net rating is better correlated with their performance than say NFL which is only 17(mostly 16 in prev season), so in NFL it's entirely possible for a team to win 60%/10 games and still have negative net rating but once you pass like halfpoint/42 games in NBA team that win 60%/26 games out of 42 will have positive net rating (not always though, the better benchmark is somewhere around 60 games, this is when team starts blatantly tanking as they can get clear picture of their position in the draft)


RiffsThatKill t1_jbvzbo2 wrote

Really depends on the opponents and team schedule I think. If you have a tougher schedule, might not translate to as many wins


NerdLord1837 t1_jbvtv3w wrote

I was focused on the Spurs/Pistons chillin near the bottom left about to hit the corner like the DVD logo


Bischrob OP t1_jbvvpsl wrote

The Vikings were a good example of the lack of correlation in the NFL. They were literally average on offense and defense but had a great record.


Bischrob OP t1_jbtuvu7 wrote

Made in R using these packages: tidyverse, ggimage, gganimate, ggthemes, nbastatR

Data from the nbastatR package

Ratings are calculated as points scored or allowed per possession


cderekw4224 t1_jbur86g wrote

Possible to scale the size and/or give gradient color of red-yellow-green of the logos to winning percentage or cardinal rank maybe? If so, maybe give a sliding weight from best to worst to further differentiate.


keith0211 t1_jbujj87 wrote

The bottom left quadrant is known as the “Wembanyama Zone.”


daddy_OwO t1_jbxek9h wrote

The hornets joining them makes it even more true


Room_Temp_Coffee t1_jbu2vko wrote

Omg Lakers have been abysmal

I can see now what yall have been saying about Denver


Vexing_Pie t1_jbv678h wrote

They made some huge trades to get better in the past month but yeah we started the season off horribly. Now 8-2 in their 10 games.


Room_Temp_Coffee t1_jbva1y7 wrote

Thought I was in r/nba lol also a Lakers fan and fully aware


j_cruise t1_jbvbs0g wrote

I only just realized I wasn't. That explains why the comments here felt so different lmao. I was like, is someone on r/nba seriously only just learning that the Spurs are bad?


Vexing_Pie t1_jbvkcby wrote

I think every lakers fan accepted that the team was going nowhere with count brickula


Great_Horny_Toads t1_jbv7t98 wrote

My Cavs look rock solid. Anxious for the post season.


kmmontandon t1_jbuozp4 wrote

Makes me wonder if it might be worth watching the Kings again - I haven’t seen a full season since the one immediately after Adleman left. I’ve bought into the hype of a few brief sparks of upswing like Tyreke Evans before.


alpacamegafan t1_jbupi2f wrote

It is 100% worth it. Even if you have a semblance of Kings fandom in you, you should catch their games this season since they have been the most exciting team to watch IMO. The crowd is electric, their offense is fun as hell… I would kill for my team to be as good as them right now.


hamburgers666 t1_jbvfxip wrote

It's been such a fun season. Sabonis and Fox made the all star game and deserved it. We are 13 games above 0.500, are in the second seed in the west, and have a beam. Plus, they don't have unlikable guys and everything just seems so positive around the team. Light the beam!


TaliFrost t1_jbwo0ji wrote

They're the 2 seed in a stacked western conference and they're playing a beautiful brand of basketball. Most exciting team in the NBA!


[deleted] t1_jbwtojc wrote



TaliFrost t1_jbwygex wrote

Yeah, historically good. They definitely haven't dropped off, they're like 8-1 since the all star break. They just scored 128 against the Suns without a single player with 20 points.


neilarmstonk t1_jbu4brl wrote

Finally a good data visualization. Very nice!


cmde44 t1_jbuyjl2 wrote

The Spurs got too close to the graph's origin and try as they might, couldn't escape its gravity.


KirbyDude25 t1_jbupxyt wrote

Nice visualization! Wtf happened to the Spurs, though


ithinkispeakformysel t1_jbv653g wrote

All the vets have retired or gone to new teams. Pretty young group at the moment. Still beat the nuggets yesterday. There’s potential with a good draft for next season


tigri88 t1_jbv6v75 wrote

My Pistons never fail. They are always consistently bad. Been rebuilding since 2004.


JimyFatBoy t1_jbyn5hi wrote

Since the Billups Iverson trade really. Our Pistons did go to 6 straight eastern conference finals that ended in 2008.


TheKrunkernaut t1_jbtwi96 wrote

That's quite a top down picture, and a beautiful dance, for the uninitiated to behold.


NudeEnjoyer t1_jbujvhr wrote

so cool how there are clear trends. lots of teams switch directions in the same way, at the exact same time, at around the same rate. wonder what factors are causing this


Turin_Agarwaen t1_jbv1i91 wrote

I'm pretty sure that is mostly the best/worst team changing rather than most teams changing.

The axis are scaled based on the best and worst team for offensive defensive rating. If the best defensive team starts doing worse, every other team will move up.


NudeEnjoyer t1_jbviar5 wrote

I think I was just seeing everything move at once because it looks like they used the data for every fifth day for all teams, so they all change direction at the same time every 5 days


MIT-Russel t1_jbvkddf wrote

I don't know about y'all, but i've seen enough!

The Lakeshow is back, We got Elgin coming back in two weeks, We picked up Cooper and West from the mid cities(no disrespect) to compliment Wilt and we got undrafted Goodrich/Byron coming off the bench to put up clinics. Only the injury gods and Phoenix can stop us from getting this ring. *knocks on wood*.


Dirty_Quesadilla t1_jbup5dv wrote

This is really cool. Is there anyway to do this until this past weekend or starting from trade deadline (Feb 10th)?


last_laugh13 t1_jbuvzi9 wrote

Is there a game every day?


Turin_Agarwaen t1_jbv1mfs wrote

Teams usually play every 2-3 days and most days have at least a couple games.


Bennito_bh t1_jbv2n2q wrote

This is a comparative scale, right? Seems to always be someone at 1.0 for each metric


Im_Your_Neighbor t1_jbvs85l wrote

Yeah the scaling is relative to the best/worst teams offensively/defensively. I think the movement of the axes is to represent the scaling of the mean/median values since this appears to be based on actual ORTG/DRTG rather than rank, but I’m also too drunk presently to determine whether that actually makes sense.

Regardless, an excellent visualization.


shertuyo t1_jbutrdp wrote

Yes! Great idea. Nicely done


malacca73 t1_jbvcd4l wrote

Hornets and Rockets doing a little dance down there


wadla_bap32 t1_jbveau7 wrote

Apparently, the Spurs are not doing good


friedmpa t1_jbvl28l wrote

Celtics doing the opposite of last year…


Ragnarotico t1_jbvsfel wrote

The Grizzlies suddenly move from below average defensive rating to above average right around mid November. That's when Jaren Jackson Jr. returned to the court.


toasted_oatsnmore t1_jbw26xw wrote

My spurs…. Ohh how the mighty have fallen


MUjase t1_jbxylr6 wrote

They’ve been stuck there for the past few years, right?


new_user_069 t1_jbw8p9h wrote

Shout out to my guys at the bottom/left the entire time


JohnnyTsunami312 t1_jbweedw wrote

Bulls bounce in those middle 4 squares like an old dvd player screen saver


yukimi-sashimi t1_jbwowx0 wrote

This is like that episode of The Office, waiting for the screensaver on the DVD player to hit the corner.


Supdman t1_jbxqrih wrote

Lol, pistons about to bottom out. I’d love to see this graph for just Detroit sports


EvanMM t1_jbxuc12 wrote

This chart sucks because it implies the pistons are bad


GI2020 t1_jc10jg0 wrote

i thought the celtics offense dropped significantly, I guess I'm watching too much cetics haha


Sn33kykitty t1_jc15zm6 wrote

Let's go Kings. Back up we go !


ThiccMaryMagdalene t1_jc21yxu wrote

Makes me think of the Mario Paint fly swatting game

Also, light the beam!


meep_42 t1_jbuvdqk wrote

I like these types of team visualizations, though I typically prefer naming each quadrant (awesome, fun, terrible, boring, or the like) rather than have a single bad->good axis.