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monissa t1_jdw6d7o wrote

I didn't expect galicia to be such a public transport powerhouse


artaig t1_jdwcde0 wrote

You need the buses to go to all the tiny villages to let grandma go shopping. They are already part of the landscape. Especially all kind of weird bus stops in the middle of nowhere. It was a national disgrace the day a British multinational (Arriva) bought the most loved local bus line (Castromil) with such a defining national name : the Castro culture was the most important period of ancient Galician identity and the time at which we got our name.


ali2326 t1_jdxmix4 wrote

*Arriva is owned by Deutsche Bahn


NoVa_PowZ t1_jdyr2l4 wrote

Poor souls, we dont eben want the DB to be owned by the DB over here


Waytemore t1_jdzrm99 wrote

Arriva isn't British. They've bought out our local bus services as well.


NewLoseIt t1_jdynwbh wrote

I wonder how it compares to Portugal directly below? Is this a Portugaliza thing or is Portugal just as sparse as Spain but Galicia is better than both?