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PastGlobal t1_jc6p5km wrote

Looks like the set list from The XX


ScreamThyLastScream t1_jc6kr2l wrote

Goodbye in Heaven Tonight, you Falling Fire Angel (Intro)


spicer2 OP t1_jc6fzop wrote

Tools: Excel

Source: MusicBrainz (online music encyclopedia)

Methodology/FAQs: I've seen a few other people attempt to figure this out but I've never been completely satisfied with their methodology. Music YouTuber David Bennett Piano has a video where he used Wikipedia disambiguation pages to arrive at a final list which is clever, but not robust enough for my tastes.

I had to do some careful filtering on the data to make it useful, so to be clear on what you’re seeing: this is the number of *original compositions* with that title. This means cover versions are excluded – if you don’t do that, the list is just full of Christmas songs that have been recorded many times over. I also filtered it so it is only *songs* – this means things like musicals, soundtracks, and classical albums are excluded (otherwise you get a load of “Preludes”). This is also why the figures are lower than some other sources you might have seen for this kind of data.

Some other interesting tidbits:

-”I Love You” is 28th in the all-time list;

-The most common animal is “Butterfly” (55th);

-The most common color is “Blue” (61st);

-”Untitled” (as in, an actual title called “Untitled”) is 63rd;

-The most commonly used place name is "California" (75th);

-If you exclude “Grace”, the most common name is “Maria”. And if you exclude that, it’s “Caroline” (unsweetened).


Upstairs-Boring t1_jc6l8f6 wrote

This is quite interesting!

I'm curious about what the difference is in having the title "untitled" and what you classified as untitled? I'm assuming the latter means that it was blank but does that mean the title exists but was missing from the database or that the song had been purposely left with no name?


LustfulBellyButton t1_jc81mg7 wrote

I did’t get the methodology.

  1. The numbers relative to each word in the chart represent how many songs are named with that word/syntagma or how many songs contain that word/syntagma?

  2. What’s the country/language frame? Are the data counting only the songs made in the US, or they are also counting the songs written and published in English from other countries?

  3. What’s the time frame, or what’s the oldest song of the data?

  4. Because of #2 and #3, I’d also like to say how misleading/English-centered this title “of all times” can be


Strange_Ad_6206 t1_jc8jruc wrote

The title is pretty arrogant. It's "tracks recorded and published by the record industry."


se_nicknehm t1_jc7ccvb wrote

a search for "intro" on discogss gave me 436.842 results... but 52.371 results for record titles, 529 results for artists and 238 results for labels should be excluded

this still leaves me with 330.556 results - some of them are double or even tripple because discogs counts each release/version of the same record (f.e. CD, vinyl, "special edition" etc.), but still's a MUCH higher number than 694


SwagDrQueefChief t1_jc88lis wrote

Do we really wanna count all those 100 song long grindcore album where they haven't named a single song?


The_mystery4321 t1_jc6qu86 wrote

Last bit had me in fits of giggles lol. Nice work OP, very interesting!


robogobo t1_jc9qpxj wrote

Prelude seems like olden days speak for intro.


miclugo t1_jcajreh wrote

I get why you consider excluding "Grace" (because probably when it appears in song titles it's often as the common noun) but why exclude "Maria"? Also, what's the most common male name?


Gmonkey_ t1_jc6gaua wrote

I imagined "One" would be somewhere up there.


nine_inch_owls t1_jc6xm83 wrote

I can’t remember anything…


Carry_0n t1_jc6zfgu wrote

Can't tell if this is true or a dream...


dw444 t1_jc7mig6 wrote

I have two songs called “One” on my everyday playlist, one by Metallica and the other by Ghostface (both are considered classics for their respective artists, and are on albums that are also considered classics). I wonder if there’s any others.


erkjhnsn t1_jc7twhp wrote

Very popular U2 song by the same name.


Poydoo t1_jc7ujel wrote

Johnny Cash did a great version of that one


Nervous-Eye-9652 t1_jc6hx12 wrote

  • in English. I doubt they have translated the song titles from other languages. It would have been good, things like California the most frequent place or what is the most common name, could give another result.

slav_cunt t1_jc6jkam wrote

Its always the western shit


Wow00woW t1_jc9jluk wrote

it's always the western shit, posted on the western site that's in the English language. really makes you think.


Canuckleheadman t1_jc7wtby wrote

I'm surprised "interlude" isn't on the list


frocsog t1_jc6mvzz wrote

The next successful hit will be "Time to stay at home tonight by the fire forever with you alone, lost angel, falling into lost Paradise Heaven, Goodbye Shine, hold on rain - Intro"


srv50 t1_jc6g0l8 wrote

“Intro”? Kinda generic. Odd there isn’t more. Does this include the Intro section of most classical music pieces?


tyscrich t1_jc6kq9f wrote

Hip hop/rap albums tend to have an intro. My immediate thought was that is what makes up a majority.


srv50 t1_jc6kyyv wrote

Thanks. Didn’t know that.


RuinLoes t1_jc6lml7 wrote

Classical music rarely has anything titled "intro". If there is anything like that, the convention is usually "prelude", but its not like a two minute intro you get to an album.


AffectionateThing602 t1_jc82ml7 wrote

He classified in a comment, he filtered out certain genres like long classical pieces to allow the data to be more interesting, causing things like "prelude" to be less relevant.


stanger828 t1_jc6xxyg wrote

Id like it to be disaggregated by genre next!


Starbuksman t1_jc6ljh4 wrote

M83 got some titles in here- not very original apparently…


Daniel-Plainview96 t1_jc74b4y wrote

My thoughts as well


Wow00woW t1_jc9jowq wrote

congratulations. you just typed out what the upvote button is for.


Daniel-Plainview96 t1_jczw4e7 wrote

At first I was like, “how dare you!” And then I was like, “oh. He’s litterally correct.”


Dalek01 t1_jc9m3i8 wrote

congratulations. you just typed out what the downvote button is for.


-domi- t1_jc6n3zi wrote

I think I've ran into one or two Homes, and one Time. Are these meant to be full titles, or nouns within title names? I'd think there'd be at least one two-word title in the list...


_JMC98 t1_jc6xsjy wrote

'Hold on'. I think 'I love you' is the first with 3 or more words


Hitlerclone_3 t1_jc7xv9b wrote

Man intro seems way lower than it should be honestly. How are there only 700 when there are like a billion songs?


El_Bean69 t1_jc6oywf wrote

Full Titles or nouns within the title? I know a Home, Time, Stay, Angel and Hold On but if these are nouns within the title Im sure I know hundreds of qualifiers


coronaflo t1_jc9ns4t wrote

Given the small number of songs I'm guessing full titles.


The_DaW33D_ t1_jc84uhi wrote

why does these titles remind me of NF


cibbwin t1_jc7g42h wrote

This might be why every time I see an 'untitled' track on an album I twitch.

I love Sigur Ros but their album ( ) is ALL untitled and will forever make me rage, lol.


double_shadow t1_jc7ke1j wrote

Spotify gave all these songs a name now in addition to their Untitled #X. I kind of miss the nameless versions tbh


epicmylife t1_jc9d9pp wrote

OH! That’s what that album is supposed to be. I thought it was a moose hoofprint.


OBOSOB t1_jc9rtjh wrote

A pair of parentheses (aka. brackets)


Indybin t1_jc8q991 wrote

List of bangers right there 👆


Hargelbargel t1_jc9028j wrote

"Intro into Home Time" the untitled masterpiece by Stay Outro Forever, off their platinum "Angel Lost and Alone, Hold on" album.


AndroidDoctorr t1_jc94wxg wrote

I don't know any songs by any of those names


Fats_de_Leon t1_jc6qy85 wrote

Does this take movie scores into account? Because I'm not even particularly an officianado and I have 13 tracks called Main Titles and 7 called Main Theme.


DBProxy t1_jc82dhx wrote

They’re usually titled something more specific such as Star Wars (main title) or Pirates of the Caribbean (main theme)


Thebeckmane t1_jc6whsb wrote

If you read from lost going down it almost sounds like a song.


Ath23 t1_jc724rb wrote

Intro to home, a time untitled to stay as an outro forever with the angel, lost and alone you hold on to rain as a goodbye to heaven, tonight, fire will be falling to shine in paradise.


geofurb t1_jc73drc wrote

If you count covers, the answer is "Crossroads", followed by "Cross Road Blues".


2baked t1_jc76ics wrote

Home, home again, I like to be here when I can.


sendabussypic t1_jc7igqi wrote

Now do one with songs that have come out in the last 2 years about voices in your head.


Jackdaw99 t1_jc7ijow wrote

Wonderful chart. Thank you.


jakke_koala t1_jc83kd5 wrote

It kinda hurts that there aren't as much outro's as intro's


hellwisp t1_jc89lo9 wrote

Read it all in a newscaster voice and it almost makes sense


notade50 t1_jc8k86e wrote

I was afraid to read this. Thought I was being Rick rolled.


AlexandreAAPG t1_jc900ei wrote

"Outro" representing Portuguese language, my language.


_Uulyaoth_ t1_jc92l6j wrote

It would be interesting to know which band has the most amount of these titles.


pierowmaniac t1_jc93g3p wrote

I am genuinely surprised “baby” didn’t make this list


jellyvish t1_jc940b7 wrote

intros and outros arent always songs tho


MegaManZer0 t1_jc95rks wrote

At this point, untitled is pretty much a title.


Gloomy_Sleep8588 t1_jc960d0 wrote

[Untitled] ... 169... Source: MusicBrainz... I just might be too immature for this forum.


Friggin_Grease t1_jc993sp wrote

Somehow "Standing Outside of a broken phone booth with a handful of quarters" doesn't make the list?


epicmylife t1_jc9de0z wrote

Well neither does “Someday, in the Event That Mankind Actually Figures Out What It Is That This World Revolves Around, Thousands of People are Going to Be Shocked and Perplexed to Find Out It Was Not Them. Sometimes, This Includes Me.” But here we are…


epicmylife t1_jc9cy7l wrote

And probably none of this are emo.


bostiq t1_jc9e5po wrote

I thought I was gonna get Rick rolled reading down the titles 😁😁


tupadhya t1_jc9gg3p wrote

Looks like half of them are Coldplay songs


Torieth t1_jc9jrvi wrote

Outro means other in Brazilian 😁


nmrt95 t1_jc9qf8p wrote

"intro" by Home takes It all


Atomik919 t1_jc9qu3v wrote

ill be coming home, just to be alone!


_314 t1_jc9u1b4 wrote

Also there are so many different, all pretty well known "all of me"s.

Obviously it has multiple words so it's not gonna show up as often because of that.


ultrafud t1_jc9ug33 wrote

Yeah I don't believe this data for a second. Considering the millions upon millions of albums released over the last century, I simply don't believe only 694 songs were called "Intro"


23materazzi t1_jc9x7fh wrote

Crazy how the pareto system is displayed even here


Four_beastlings t1_jca0txh wrote

What are those numbers? I doubt there is only 600something songs called Intro...


snekbat t1_jca4782 wrote

Meanwhile Dutch Techno artists are like:

Kankerdikke Natte Tering Visstick


timmeh87 t1_jcbh26t wrote

does untitled count songs with no title, songs titled "untitled", songs titled "[untitled]" or some combination?


metalstats t1_jcd4zuf wrote

I find musicbrainz to be a fairly incomplete source myself. Wouldn't doubt intro is number 1 though.


digitalhobbit t1_jcda29y wrote

This is very interesting. I'd love to see the top 100, in case you'd be willing to share the spreadsheet.


nsnyder t1_jc7314c wrote

Imagine writing another song called Stay, when Lisa Loeb already wrote the perfect one.


double_shadow t1_jc7k3x4 wrote

And I don't think that even counts for this graph since the official title is Stay (I Missed You).


[deleted] t1_jc6t4pp wrote



DBProxy t1_jc834aa wrote

The words in the pic, those words were the entire title.


Psypho_Diaz t1_jc8l9wj wrote

I don't like that hold on is considered one word


TheKurosawa t1_jc91140 wrote

No where does it say "one word" in the post. These are full titles.


artaig t1_jc716s4 wrote

"Outro" that many times makes me sad for the absolute moronic state of society nowadays.


d3nafelseed t1_jc72ts6 wrote

What a horseshit information supported by the worst possible database ever. How does the word "love" not make it into the list? Also songs with title containing "intro"/"outro"? Arent they a bit out of place? How do they make it in the top ranks too?


bondegezou t1_jc76dyl wrote

Because it's not a list of words that appear, but of whole titles. Apparently "Love" on its own isn't that common a title.