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karmacarmelon t1_jdulfae wrote

I think you'd be better off removing limited and ltd from the data since most of them will be limited companies. The actual name is the more interesting part.


bigchard69 OP t1_jdults0 wrote

That is a very fair point, because they are so big they also caused the most problems with the color scheme. If I use this dataset again I will remove!


beeteedee t1_jdvi3ow wrote

There is one interesting data point there: when you register a limited company with the UK government you’re given the choice whether to format the name as “Companyname Limited” or “Companyname Ltd”. So this shows that the split between the two is about equal.


xopranaut t1_jdulxa8 wrote

The most typical British business is confirmed to be a “property management services company”.


DarkImpacT213 t1_jdvstmr wrote

Property management services company limited, please.


EightEqualsEqualsDe t1_je0o6d7 wrote

Limited property management services company, ltd

It is the UK, so we can't expect an abundance of property of course


threecrazycats t1_jdupulm wrote

Is there a geographic angle or is it random? I.e. when I'm looking at Scotland, are those the words most commonly used by businesses in that region or are they just randomly there?

I ask because there are some puzzling things, like "Kent" in NI and "Scotland" in Kent.


darkmooink t1_jdv9p8d wrote

The ones I thought were the most out of place were Wales on the Norfolk coast, southern and Bristol in Scotland and Birmingham in NI. I didn’t spot the two you mentioned.


bigchard69 OP t1_jduq1qv wrote

The words are randomly placed in the UK. I fit them in a UK map because all the company names are from the UK and the Python library made it super easy.


ViciousNakedMoleRat t1_jdum2pr wrote

The UK Property Management Solutions and Consulting Services Company Limited


Boatster_McBoat t1_jdv6jw3 wrote

Pale yellow text on a white background is not the reader's friend


Kindly-Scar-3224 t1_jdv9wl5 wrote

I thought it was beaches*


Boatster_McBoat t1_jdva0zr wrote

You thought what was beeches?

Edit: just an attempt to badly superimpose the Union Jack over the map of the UK. Perhaps using it in portrait form (not sure what the correct vexillogical terminology is) would have worked better


Kindly-Scar-3224 t1_jduvvg4 wrote

Company services management limited would be the perfect name


Moose-Live t1_jduzk0g wrote


I was actually thinking that the results would be more interesting if words like "limited" had been excluded


dapper_Dev t1_jdwkx83 wrote

This has nothing to do with the sub. Not only is this data not beautiful it's not even readable.


Calixare t1_jdup4uj wrote

Why it counts LTD but not INC?


bigchard69 OP t1_jduptaa wrote

It is an interesting question. INC will be in there but it only has 5,000 occurrences so it will be much smaller than LTD with 2,293,180 occurrences. INC is not typically used in UK company names, probably more common across the pond.


Mr-QueenO t1_jdv2rbz wrote

Shelby company limited is the GOAT


malthar76 t1_jdvcx47 wrote

“and” is a little too prominent. Usually one of the excluded list in word clouds.


Axe-puff t1_jdvdcrx wrote

A lot of this is too blurry to read. But from what I could make out, Dragon is more common than Organic, which I think is great


canipleasebeme t1_jdvvyw7 wrote

Solutions, services and property management group Ltd.