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ntsprstr717 t1_jck4q0q wrote

Will we see a renaissance of Serie A (the NBA of the 90s) soon?


Pretto91 t1_jck5vfw wrote

No, that's just a fluke year, we are in serious trouble with revenues in Italy


alien-earth t1_jckx32g wrote

I don't agree, sir.

italian teams are solid, and also the bottom ranking ones are a tough nut to crack.

there are like 8 very good teams (the listed above + atalanta and lazio) fighting for places in europe.

the level is rising. Serie A is obviously not at the Premier level, but overall is above La Liga and Ligue 1 actually.


phlipout22 t1_jcm96ae wrote

When it comes to Europe it's about the too teams.

This is a strange year with many top European teams in transition, the Italians don't have the same talent or resources


Inevitable_Price7841 t1_jcjmgxw wrote

TIL there is a Europa Conference League. Thanks very much.


kenan_offiziell t1_jcjqvfn wrote

its in its second year so understandable


Inevitable_Price7841 t1_jcjrdwn wrote

That explains a lot, cheers!


Flying_Momo t1_jcl6brp wrote

it actually is more fun because you see more teams from different leagues outside the big 6


Inevitable_Price7841 t1_jcl960t wrote

I totally agree. I like to watch teams outside the big 6. I find them more entertaining, and I pretend I'm a scout looking for up and coming talent, haha 😄


Flying_Momo t1_jclbro5 wrote

We can all dream of being Will Still by becoming a decent manager by playing FM 😉


pilip4 t1_jclo7og wrote


Thats where barca will land next year


defr0std t1_jck5hjt wrote

Belgium has more clubs than Spain or Germany. The times we live in...


Ok_Elk_4333 t1_jck66y3 wrote

Can’t really comment on that when it’s the conference league


Lachimanus t1_jclwn91 wrote

Well, it is a bit like a gold vs. silver medal comparison.

A spot in the champions league is plain better than X spots in Europe league.


Five_Fingered_Sloth t1_jco6rki wrote

Very much depends. For raw prize money a spot in the Champion’s League is best, but the UEFA Coefficient -which is used to decide how many teams each country can send to each of the three leagues- doesn’t differentiate the leagues. You gain as many points for a win in the CL as you would for a win in the ECL.


no_nao t1_jckl2sb wrote

Real Madrid in UCL and Sevilla in EL, I’ve seen this before


tacobell OP t1_jcjifki wrote

Source: Wikipedia Tool: PPT

Updated version of my RO16 version from a couple weeks back:

Discussion of this post in r/soccer:

(Hopefully) more color blind friendly version - let me know of any thoughts/suggestions:


blujaey t1_jdibggh wrote

I commented on the last post mentioning the colour-blind issue and just saw you replied to that! Obviously ideally you'd always want to pick colours that reflect something in the dimensions (trophy logos in this case) as you did in the original post, but from my perspective this is great. Solid colour picks and very easy to distinguish. Nice one 🏆


TrippingSquid t1_jck5dz5 wrote

Just thought I'd let you know that part of the reason why you are getting downvoted could be due to colour choices. The orange and green are nearly indistinguishable for people with red-green colour blindness.


kotik010 t1_jckf1x8 wrote

Really? My red green blind ass could distinguish them pretty clearly. But I agree color coding is so frequently filled with dumb choices r/dataisbeautiful regularly drives up my blood pressure


tacobell OP t1_jckoy0f wrote

Thanks - I shared a version without the orange and green colors in my comment on this post. This post also has more upvotes than when I posted the RO16 version.


Ok_Elk_4333 t1_jck65uu wrote

Serie A doing bits this season


Radeck8bit t1_jckb4ng wrote

In Conference League, fierce heads of hydra: almost all teams

Third, goofy head of hydra: Lech Poznań

(Am a Pole)


psrandom t1_jcl7bg6 wrote

This should be ranked like Olympics where 1 Gold is better than shit load of silvers. So Germany, Portugal, Spain above Belgium