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ntsprstr717 t1_jck4q0q wrote

Will we see a renaissance of Serie A (the NBA of the 90s) soon?


Pretto91 t1_jck5vfw wrote

No, that's just a fluke year, we are in serious trouble with revenues in Italy


alien-earth t1_jckx32g wrote

I don't agree, sir.

italian teams are solid, and also the bottom ranking ones are a tough nut to crack.

there are like 8 very good teams (the listed above + atalanta and lazio) fighting for places in europe.

the level is rising. Serie A is obviously not at the Premier level, but overall is above La Liga and Ligue 1 actually.


phlipout22 t1_jcm96ae wrote

When it comes to Europe it's about the too teams.

This is a strange year with many top European teams in transition, the Italians don't have the same talent or resources