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schrodingers_pp t1_jeboqyi wrote

Dr. John Snow: when he is not fighting white walkers, he is finding root cause of cholera.


nightb4xmas t1_jec7xg3 wrote

to answer the question, the next great chart to change the world will surely be a Tinder Sankey


Saurocapilla t1_jec6mod wrote

Excellent, but should have included the survivorship bias chart of returning planes and their bullet holes.


Boatster_McBoat t1_jeehm9i wrote

Great chart. Counter intuitive unless your intuition is of the highest order


jpipen t1_jeb6yt4 wrote

Very interesting, thank ya for sharing!


LooksAtClouds t1_jeewozz wrote

For more on this topic, see any book by Edward Tufte.


dml997 t1_jebcz5h wrote

This is great.

I wish the morons who show animated charts that obfuscate instead of elucidate would learn from this.


Susgatuan t1_jebzw84 wrote

I'm sure your insulting and demeaning comment helps bring them into the fold quite well. I know being called a moron always encourages me to appreciate and respect the opinions of those that called me one. Doing great work for all of us.


Susgatuan t1_jec01f6 wrote

I had no idea that data visualization was such a new concept.


LooksAtClouds t1_jeewjh2 wrote

Well, I think they forgot the tally sheet and the invention of numbers themselves! One sheep, one line scratched on the clay tablet. That got tiresome. Let's invent a shorthand for "more than one" of a thing.