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Boatster_McBoat t1_jd3l2sk wrote

Ok, do you mean why are there African countries with no data? Or why are African countries towards the unfavourable end of the reported data?


Gargomon251 t1_jd3mf8n wrote

Obviously the latter. African countries always seem to be on the far end of the scale on many issues. Like "countries where domino's pizza restaurants exists" or " the countries never visited by a sitting US president"


Boatster_McBoat t1_jd3mqq7 wrote

A lot of those are correlated with per capita wealth / economic development.

Come to think of it, the data gaps correlate with much the same thing


Gargomon251 t1_jd3ng9f wrote

So why does Africa have so much lower per capita than every other continent


Boatster_McBoat t1_jd3ojzw wrote

I didn't know, so I did a quick google. This link looked like it was on point:,inequality%20also%20drive%20up%20poverty.&text=Africa's%20high%20fertility%20rates%20mean,Africa's%20high%20population%20growth%20rate.

>Africa’s inability to reduce its high extreme poverty rate has been attributed to numerous factors. One is the over-reliance on natural resources for growth instead of agricultural and rural development, which characterises 85% of Africans’ livelihoods. The higher initial poverty levels coupled with low asset ownership and restricted access to public services also make it difficult for households to take advantage of growth. Bad governance, corruption and high-income inequality also drive up poverty. >Africa’s high fertility rates mean that economic growth rates translate into smaller per capita income increases. While the extreme poverty rate will likely fall, the number of poor people will rise due to Africa’s high population growth rate


Gargomon251 t1_jd3pmui wrote

Yikes, it's like everything is going wrong at once. And I don't understand how they can have a high population growth rate when they also have a high poverty rate. Why are these people having so many children?


Boatster_McBoat t1_jd3q0vl wrote

Strong correlation between low income and high infant mortality. Strong correlation between high infant mortality and high birth rates. Search YouTube for Hans Rosling ... Some incredible (and hopeful) videos on this sort of data


Gargomon251 t1_jd3r32q wrote

But if they're dying it should be canceling out the population boom


Boatster_McBoat t1_jd3tsiw wrote

Birth rate overcompensates for higher infant mortality. As infant mortality drops, birth rate drops and population growth slows.

Seriously check out a Hans Rosling video it will blow your mind.

Here's one to get you started