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Veruna_Semper t1_iqn4bgx wrote

How was this gathered?. I'm pretty sure the Los- city in WY is Lost Cabin which feels like a bit of a stretch.

Edit: Apparently Lost Cabin is now unincorporated as it no longer has a population, but Lost Springs still has a couple people living there so the example still works.


BoMcCready OP t1_iqn7iur wrote

Yeah, it’s literally just a string calculation. So you’re right with this example.


K0rby t1_iqodwiu wrote

The other thing about Wyoming is that because there so few towns, just a couple places is enough to register as a high percentage to end up in the top of the charts.


Veruna_Semper t1_iqooeds wrote

I noticed that as well. Our small sample size messes with all kinds of stats lol


K0rby t1_iqodqm7 wrote

I was thinking the same thing (re:Wyoming). You beat me to it! Have you figured out the “El” in Wyoming?


Veruna_Semper t1_iqoobjh wrote

El Rancho. Tiny town between Douglas and Wheatland on I-25. I was wondering myself so I had to look it up.