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Johannes8 OP t1_iqt2r48 wrote

It’s crazy to me that on equinox it’s 12h of daylight everywhere on the planet. One of the coolest graphs I’ve found in a while. Makes so much sense the more you look at it and imaging the globe and it’s Position to the sun


lisiate t1_iqtw1g4 wrote

It also clearly shows how quickly days shorten/lengthen near the the equinoxes and how slowly things change near the solstices.


snugglebug355 t1_iquvqeo wrote

If you stand on the North Pole, then one day, you have no sun, the next day it’s 12 hours, and the next day it’s 24 hours of sun. Or maybe at most it takes a week to transition. That’s insane.


857477458 t1_iqvxz8t wrote

That's a little misleading though. The sun goes from just below the horizon to just above the horizon. Even though you have 0h of direct sunlight that first day the sky will still be lit up from light reflecting off the clouds.


savva1995 t1_iqzlci1 wrote

Can someone please explain how the equinox is not 12h or daylight everywhere? In my head the earths rotation on its axis is perpendicular to the plane of rotation around the sun.


exculcator t1_iqvcpyp wrote

Not a fan: the 24 hour and zero hour lines appear to missing, despite their annotations being present. (Alternatively, and more disconcertingly, they are present, but mislabelled).