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dailycyberiad t1_ir023u1 wrote

When you join a karate club or a hiking club, you don't necessarily know anyone there. I'm not sure that's "through friends". But I understand that data must be categorized somehow, and "through friends" would fit better than the other options.


StillTonight4576 OP t1_ir02ora wrote

But to be honest, it's very rare that people meet a partner after starting while knowing nobody in a karate club. I don't know anyone who has met their partner like that.


dailycyberiad t1_ir066p0 wrote

It's a good thing to do if you move to a new city. You find groups that organize activities around your favorite hobbies, then join those groups and meet tons of new people who share your interests.

I've done it every time I've moved to a new city and it's helped me a lot. Actually, that's how I met my partner and some of my best friends: when I moved to a new city, I joined a hiking club. Healthy people, who don't drink much and don't smoke, who like the outdoors and often photography too... it's also a great way to discover beautiful places!

I've also joined astronomy clubs. Great people, often really helpful towards novice amateurs. I've only ever had binoculars, 9x63 and such, but thanks to them I can use telescopes too, even if I don't own one.

Someday I'd like to join drawing/painting lessons, even if none of my friends are into it. And I would really, really like to join a choir, but my work schedule has been too irregular for that these last few years. Maybe someday!