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bliswell t1_iqzmxy4 wrote

Well if it it works for you then it's a success. And I'm not a woman, so again I have no basis to say what's needed. But my understanding is that a woman's "cycle" isn't literally fixed at once per month. So resetting your data into groupings by month obscures the natural periodicity which occurred.


dailycyberiad t1_iqzw0eq wrote

It depends. For me it's a 28-day cycle, but others have a 30-day one, or a 25-day one, or nearly random cycles... maybe OP does have a monthly cycle, it does happen.


no-name-here t1_ir43sq6 wrote

Even if it’s only around a month but not exactly one month, this format would still be best, as this format would show such data in a spiral shape? or what format do you think would work better/best?