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latinometrics OP t1_ir5mj3s wrote

Before you ask...YES, we also checked the MLS. It wasn't the most popular league in any state.

Based on Google Trends, the NFL now has a dominant presence, with 22 of the 32 Mexican states following the NFL over any other American league. Mexico's love for the NFL is unique in Latin America — every other country in the region prefers the NBA or the MLB.

And it's not just Google search — Mexico is the NFL's 2nd most substantial market. An estimated 8% of the country's entire population watched this year's Super Bowl on free TV alone.

Source: Google Trends
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timcarpet t1_ir7x85x wrote

NFL should expand to Mexico City


troypow32 t1_ir81t9r wrote

It would never happen, players would much rather live in America than Mexico


timcarpet t1_ir891fy wrote

Mexico City is incredibly diverse, beautiful, cosmopolitan, and many people speak English. I could see it working.


Duma123 t1_ir8cb9k wrote

Toronto has a hard enough time attracting free agents in the NBA, and that’s another English speaking city right across the border. I think Mexico City is too far to work, at least right now.

I’ve always wondered if Monterrey would be a good candidate for expansion, though. Closer to the US, wealthy city, well developed, etc.


Chicago1871 t1_ir8iswx wrote

Mexico city is as close to new york as seattle is.

Its closer than Los Angeles to new york and chicago.

Its not very far at all.


troypow32 t1_ir9q5cf wrote

It’s also the capital city of a third world country, along with Mexico having some of the most dangerous cities in the world. It’s beautiful for vacations, but it would be really hard to persuade millionaires to live there for years


TaftIsUnderrated t1_ir5zp28 wrote

Do you guys think a pro-team could thrive in Mexico.

My hot take is that an MLB in Monterrey would work but an NFL in Mexico City would not. But maybe a San Diego/Tijuana NBA team could work.


domestic_omnom t1_ir663j6 wrote

According to this map the Tijuana area is more into baseball then basketball.

I personally don't think of football team would work outside of the US. Simply because the rest of the world doesn't really care about football like we do. Even in this thread only 8% of Mexico watch the super bowl.

Meanwhile Canada has a MLB team, and several NBA teams. There's no reason why Mexico couldn't have successful NBA or MLB team.


TheOvercookedFlyer t1_ir69m2o wrote

I'm born and raised in Tijuana, and I can say without a doubt that NFL is the most watched sport but not the most played. The most played is basketball followed by baseball, football and finally american football.

Note: When the Chargers were in San Diego, there was more support and followship of the league. Many of us considered them as our local team.

As for Mexico having an MLB/NFL/NBA team I think that the only one that has a chance is an NBA team in Mexico City or Monterrey. An NFL team is expensive to pay and watch, and an MLB team will have to compete with established local franchises which will not end well.


Chicago1871 t1_ir8j85m wrote

I think the biggest struggle is that a MLB/NBA mexico team would struggle making the same money from fans. Ticket prices would be cheaper. It would have less valuable local tv deals.

Otoh NFL would work, because nfl teams share tv money. Only 9 games, means you can charge USA prices for tickets.


venividivincey t1_ir6vfhp wrote

Do you also have data for searches on elite football (soccer) like the Premier League or La Liga?


NotBird20 t1_ir5ozrd wrote

MLS: Why are we here just to suffer?


Matt4669 t1_ir9nc47 wrote

Well when the Mexicans have their own football/soccer league of better quality (more CONCACAF CLs, better players etc.), it’s quite obvious why


cabalavatar t1_ir8n29d wrote

Meanwhile in Canada, I'm sure we're not split. 🏒