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TangerineDream82 t1_iugr232 wrote

But is this data normalized by dimension?

I mean, are there equal numbers of Taoists and Buddhists, etc in Singapore?


bit1101 t1_iugro1t wrote

Cmon mate. I've seen more beautiful graphs in science papers.


PixelPervert t1_iugse1b wrote

So only Christians went to university?


quick20minadventure t1_iugv8b9 wrote

This data presentation is uselessly bullshit because it's not percentage of the population. I checked the % of people above 15 years who got university degree from the same data.

I don't trust his graph as well. The data points and colors are also wrong. Christanity has 285k while buddhism has 250k. But, look at graph.. What the hell is that?

Religion                 total  male    female
Total	                 32%	32%	32%
No Religion	         46%	46%	46%
With Religion	         29%	29%	29%
-Buddhism	         25%	26%	25%
-Taoism1/	         19%	19%	19%
-Islam	                 12%	11%	13%
-Hinduism	         46%	45%	47%
-Sikhism	         36%	37%	34%
-Christianity	         48%	51%	46%
--Catholic	         45%	47%	43%
--Other Christians       50%	54%	48%
-Other Religions	 37%	42%	33%

RelevantArmadillo222 t1_iuhoo97 wrote

There are more middle eastern Muslims who go to uni than Singapore Christians.


RelevantArmadillo222 t1_iuhovqn wrote

Can you plot number of middle eastern Muslims against Singapore Christians and title education profile of different religions in Singapore and the middle east