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highline9 t1_irip7fy wrote

Why downvoted? Also, for the three folks I just asked, me included, this doesn’t hold true. A $250K house at 3% is no where near $1k a month…more like 1650


zehhet t1_iriq6pr wrote

Is that your total payment each month, including payment to taxes/insurance into the escrow account? This is only talking about the cost of the debt, not the total cost of ownership, which is always more.


highline9 t1_iritrso wrote

No, just straight mortgage…I initially thought of that (total payment…taxes, HOA, pmi, escrow) but remembered to just think about straight mortgage when trying to make the chart work for me…total payment is almost 2500 (very high HOA, live on the water/gulf, HIGH insurance)…quite honestly, if there was a person to have it not work/be normal, that’d be me, lol.