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Atillion t1_irwktcn wrote

That's the first time I've seen someone use a ceiling comma as a separator..

^(I mean, I don't hate it!)


TipYourDishwasher t1_irxbgk7 wrote

This is the first time I’ve seen someone call an apostrophe a ceiling comma (languages are weird)


nautilus_red OP t1_irx4qoq wrote

This is the standard form where I am from. I know its not that usual around the world, most of the time it's either a comma or a period.


Atillion t1_irxk68z wrote

I honestly just wanted to say ceiling comma. I like the notation!


I__Know__Stuff t1_iry6lzj wrote

It is accepted as a separator by some programming languages, because comma, period, and space already have other meanings. I didn't know there are places where it is used naturally.


arekniedowiarek t1_irxke6k wrote

Finally a separator that makes it clear for everyone what number it is