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RzLa t1_is72nov wrote

Being Canadian this is concerning. We have restrictive gun laws and we are not a narco-paramilitary state.


TheSpoonKing t1_is75htq wrote

Unfortunately there have been a lot of people in major cities wandering around with pipe shotguns and illegal handguns smuggled across the border, and as such there have been a lot more instances where our police have to match lethal force. The other trend I've noticed is a lot more people here lying to and arguing with the police, as if that isn't the worst thing they could be doing for their situation. IMO people are falling for the same "sovereign citizen-lite" advice that gets posted on Facebook lying about the law and telling people they don't need to cooperate with the police.


RzLa t1_itcl10h wrote

I don’t think illegal guns are the reasons why Ontario cops have been murdering people with mental illnesses.


dml997 t1_is74j3b wrote

We're next to you know who, and their influence and other things leak over the border.


pk10534 t1_is7o8pt wrote

So...can the US excuse its violent crime rate because it is on a border with Mexico? After all, things leak over the border


HashSlangingSlash3r t1_is7ur8b wrote

Yeah, you kinda can, actually. The southwestern states in the US are filled with gangs from Mexico


pk10534 t1_is7v7ma wrote


HashSlangingSlash3r t1_is80eo4 wrote

Lol I’m not talking about boarder towns. Look into Houston, Los Angeles or surrounding areas, Phoenix, and Albuquerque. These are areas with a long history of Mexican gang activities, which involves illegal arms and drugs sales, human and sex trafficking, and violet crime, and you cannot deny that.


pk10534 t1_is81veh wrote

They have crime, and the issues you mentioned, but they are far from the most dangerous cities. Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis, Little Rock, New Orleans, Memphis, Flint, etc are nowhere near the border.

Why would the border also affect cities like LA so strongly, yet completely ignore El Paso, which is literally across the river from an extremely violent Mexican city with heavy cartel influences?


HashSlangingSlash3r t1_is83vsc wrote

First paragraph of cities is irrelevant. I’m talking about Mexican gangs, not Black American gangs. Those cities are plagued with gangs formed by Black Americans.

>”Why would the border also affect cities like LA so strongly, yet completely ignore El Paso, which is literally across the river from an extremely violent Mexican city with heavy cartel influences?”

I cannot answer that for you, only speculate. I’m not law enforcement, nor am I a gang member. That’s just what they decided to do. Maybe the boarder on the US side is more heavily secured and monitored by law enforcement, so they’d have a less chance of getting caught by doing their criminal activities far from the boarder. El Paso also has a military base, Fort Bliss.


MF_Bfg t1_is85sdf wrote

I mean, Detroit's right on the border.


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pk10534 t1_is8b6zh wrote

Oh my god I’m so stupid, I totally forgot crime is not tolerated near military bases, which is why the areas around Ft Hood are so nice and safe! That must explain it, because soccer moms in LA are gunned down alllll the time but nobody cares because they aren’t military wives. Gee I’m silly aren’t I?


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pk10534 t1_is8cjkq wrote

The person’s comment suggested Mexico was leading to crime in American cities, and specifically cited LA as an example of that. I pointed out a border city that is actually very safe, and you retorted that the reason El Paso is safe is because it has Fort Bliss and soccer moms would get gunned down, causing a stir so the cartels and gangs leave it alone. However, this doesn’t really make sense since 1.) LA has no military base and that’s not happening there, either. It’s almost entirely street violence between local gangs, not cartel violence and 2.) there are plenty of areas with military bases nearby that are very sketchy, so I don’t think that’s a deterrent to crime from Mexico. If it was, Killeen would be like the safest city on earth.

It is true that cities near the border have crimes that are predominantly committed by gangs of young men who are of primarily mexican origin, although that doesn’t mean that crime wouldn’t have been committed if Mexico weren’t nearby. Baltimore has practically zero mexican influence and is one of the most dangerous cities in America, where San Antonio, San Diego and El Paso have a ton of mexican influence and are relatively safe.

I also provided links establishing that border counties are amongst the safest in the US. So no, I don’t think it’s fair to blame violent crime here on Mexico


NARMA416 t1_is951u2 wrote

No, the US is the largest exporter of guns and arms in the world. This fuels violence, especially in neighbouring countries like Canada as well as all of the Latin American countries. The gangs are well armed because of American guns and profit from drug sales.


pk10534 t1_is96lu9 wrote

Canada also contributes to those profits, no? Or does Canada not also buy opiates and cocaine and amphetamines?


NARMA416 t1_is96rbn wrote

Canada has fewer people than the state of California. Also, you're skipping over the guns part. The US is the biggest gun factory in the world.


pk10534 t1_is982aq wrote

Having a lot of guns doesn’t inherently make your crime rate go up, otherwise countries like Switzerland would have rather higher crime rates.


comcanada78 t1_is7kb92 wrote

The homicide rate is largely similar to the other non-american countries, it is just the police rate that looks to be a lot higher (though the scale of the chart kind of overstates the police differences compared to the homicide differences).