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Siglet84 t1_is776sp wrote

The USA is like a giant Germany with a bunch of brazils tucked inside of it. If you’re reasonably wealthy, you aren’t really affected by crime of criminals cops. If you’re poor, crime and criminal cops are a daily part of life.


-Ch4s3- t1_is86xlq wrote

That’s the case in Brazil as well. Wealthy Brazilians are constantly in NYC and Miami, speak perfect English, send their children to boarding school, and vacation in Europe.


Duncan-McCawkiner t1_is8ie6c wrote

I wouldn’t even say reasonably wealthy. I’d say just not completely impoverished. You can be relatively poor and live in very safe rural/suburban communities in the US. It’s people living in areas of high poverty where you’re dealing with violent crime and police corruption daily. Although I’d argue there’s a fair share of police corruption in the US even within the safe wealthy communities just low risk of being shot by them for no reason and even then that still only really applies if you’re white.


RajaSonu t1_is95gqy wrote

Police being placed in school and changing school policies means that wealthier Americans are beginning to have more interactions with cops then before. Now students are getting arrested for behavior that previously got them suspended.