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JooosephNthomas t1_is7pshu wrote

No, not a lie, just requires some interpretation beyond the graphic which kind of breaks some data display rules. Good for skewing data though and the viewer's perception of it.


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PrinceTwoTonCowman t1_is7ssx2 wrote

Maybe police killings per 100,000 police officers on the bottom?

I mean, if the police are killing almost 30 people per 10 million (per year?) that's about 1000 people. There are almost 700,000 police officers so that would be a rate of 142 killings per 100,000 police officers on the bottom part.


provocative_bear t1_is8dws3 wrote

It’s not a contest! It’s just showing a correlation between violence in society vs their police force.


j48u t1_is8iyfh wrote

Unfortunately, what's upvoted on this sub is no longer good or beautiful data, the political and agenda stuff gets pushed to the front like everywhere else. I'm not saying the topics aren't important, but that's not what this sub is for (I thought).

Even the spacing of the units on the X is stretched further than the Y, for no particular reason other than to exaggerate.


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Yeah but you also have to consider how many police there are per capita vs how many capita there are per capita.


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Or per decapita in some places


ca_kingmaker t1_is9jik4 wrote

There’s a Das kapital joke follow up joke here and I just can’t formulate it and it’s pissing me off.


saelgsi t1_is9k8pr wrote

Noup. Decapita as in decapitated, beheaded, not so unusual kind of mobs punishment in some areas in Mexico.


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There’s a hell of a lot more people than there are police, so it’s reasonable


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Is it?


Pyrhan t1_is85h2o wrote

Yeah. Look at the labels on the axes:

"Homicide rate per capita (per 100,000)"

"Police killings per capita (Rate per 10M)"


Very misleading. I would not have noticed without u/klavical pointing it out.

OP should have used "per 1 million" for both and changed the number on the axes.