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GeneralMe21 t1_iskv6pu wrote

The New York jets and giants in New Jersey


CDawgbmmrgr2 t1_iskxfri wrote

On the opposite side, Patriots are located in MA but represent 6 states.


autoposting_system t1_isl8xw5 wrote

That's not very patriotic.

Shouldn't they represent 50 states?


CDawgbmmrgr2 t1_isl9luz wrote

I suppose. Better question might be why aren’t all the other teams calling themselves Patriots though.


itsmydoncic t1_isl2yqp wrote

the map shows new jersey having two, the one in new york is for buffalo


Slight_Author_8386 OP t1_iskvf1k wrote

Yes! It's very misleading.


misdirected_asshole t1_iskx3oq wrote

Kinda feels like New Jersey cheated here.


857477459 t1_ism93q0 wrote

Why? Those teams literally play in NJ and everyone in North Jersey supports them.


misdirected_asshole t1_ismfdb5 wrote

They both have New York in the name. They are New York Teams. Just like the Cowboys aren't the Arlington Cowboys. The Jets/Giants just happen to play a suburb of a border city.


ricardo9505 t1_isl0vy0 wrote

Anchorage Alaska needs a team. Make them fear playing there, make Lambeau field look like South Beach. Lol.


40for60 t1_islpilg wrote

Its warmer in Anchorage (barely) and Minneapolis is colder then both.


McStizly t1_isms6qs wrote

Change anchorage to Fairbanks. Anchorage is too costal for true arctic weather


Iceeman7ll t1_ismmdkj wrote

If NFL is half as smart as the English Premier League, they would introduce new teams in other states with no teams, in tier two and tier three NFL games.


Slight_Author_8386 OP t1_ismngws wrote

That’s what’s known as “college football” lol. But that’s a good idea, and it world be MORE FOOTBALL 🏈


Iceeman7ll t1_ismrkcu wrote

NFL is a perfect embodiment of how a nation as big as American (see data chart about) is focusing wealth of the establishment in only half the states instead of the whole country.

I agree college football is the alternative, but that’s not professional sport in the fact that the students don’t get paid.


JCPRuckus t1_ispdhln wrote

This is such an, "I don't understand how the world works" comment. People aren't spread evenly across the country. There are huge swathes of the country with almost no people at all, and other parts with a million people in a few square miles. You don't just put things in the middle of nowhere where there aren't enough people to justify it. You put in where there are already lots of people to use/pay for/run/enjoy/whatever it.

Compared to how much of the economy they actually account for, cities are vastly under-invested in. Cities subsidize suburbs and rural areas (if you account for where people in the suburbs actually work), and could actually do so just as much, while being nicer themselves, if people like you weren't constantly demanding mal-investment that makes the whole pie smaller for everyone.


Skeptic_Juggernaut84 t1_ispljkw wrote

I was thinking about where they would put a team in a state like Nebraska. That state is nothing but corn fields and small towns. They don't have the extremely large cities to accommodate an NFL team. No large city means no revenue.


BUSFULOFNUNS t1_ismtld6 wrote

** cough cough ** scholarships, free ride, pay no tuition, don't have to buy overpriced university textbooks they only use one semester, free housing ** cough ahem cough ** You're right. Students don't get paid.


GaussfaceKilla t1_isoskjs wrote

There isn't enough good QBs to play in the current NFL. Adding more teams would just make more bad football.


itsniickgeo t1_islu9n7 wrote

I always forget that Kansas City counts for Missouri


Muted_Translator5888 t1_ism1tie wrote

I am a little surprised Virginia doesn’t have an NFL team


EvilDeveloperTrope t1_isp4ykv wrote

The largest population center in Virginia is suburban DC, which has the Commanders - even through their stadium is in Maryland. There are no other truly big cities in the state.


Slight_Author_8386 OP t1_ismj2y3 wrote

Fun fact: it’s the largest state by population to not have an NFL team (source: see comment I made with source and tool)


Ok_Estate394 t1_ismzrfs wrote

I’m from Virginia. It’s something local and state authorities have debated for long time. We have no professional teams of any sport despite having almost 9 million people. Norfolk, VA came super close to purchasing the Sacramento Kings years ago, but the momentum always fizzles. We just de facto became “Commanders country” because people see Virginia as one giant suburb of D.C.


Alfalfa_World t1_ismiljq wrote

Never knew how lucky i was growing up. All 4 of my cities had NFL and NBA teams.


ApartRuin5962 t1_isnzkz5 wrote

I'll take "maps which are pretty much just choropleths of US state populations for $500, Alex"


thetreecycle t1_isp38bi wrote

I had no idea like half of US states have no NFL team.


somethinggoeshere11 t1_iso9mee wrote

OP made this chart just to say that while three teams say they’re from New York, NY only has one team.


Skeptic_Juggernaut84 t1_ispmny1 wrote

I still can't understand why Michigan still has a team. I thought they would have been sold off by now or just shut down. No disrespect to Detroit Lions fans though.


EmperorZwerg1995 t1_islurqu wrote

Why are the Commanders listed as a Maryland team and not DC?


DerrickWhiteMVP t1_islyi8x wrote

The stadium is in Landover, Maryland. It’s why New York technically has one team (Buffalo Bills) because the New York Giants and Jets both play at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


EatShitLeftWing t1_ismrdy1 wrote

I can't believe you got more points than me even though I answered first (and was correct).