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Lost-Currency9670 t1_it3oy7y wrote

If New York was 100% white it would have the lowest per-capita violent crime rate of any major city. Same goes for any other city actually.


cuteman t1_it42xnl wrote

We don't have a gun problem we have a gang problem


Lost-Currency9670 t1_it438b1 wrote

I think the black and Hispanic communities have a problem that needs to be address from within, not by ineffective (mostly white) politicians. Unfortunately every black and Hispanic politician is a grifter and takes advantage of the communities they’re supposed to represent to make themselves rich


cuteman t1_it471r5 wrote

Obviously it's cherry picking but if you remove the 5 cities with the largest number of murders the US as a whole (with a much larger population) looks more like Scandinavian countries. Those are Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

When you include them our stats more like the third world and Central/South American countries for murder rate.

Its definitely a problem but it's more of an isolated issue than a national one.


6thReplacementMonkey t1_it4lip2 wrote

Can you show that math? I don't see how that could be true when even small-midsize towns in the US have higher per-capita murder rates than Scandinavian countries.


SLYTAPEX t1_it5ai1y wrote

Thats cherry picking.


6thReplacementMonkey t1_it7tzjr wrote

Right. My point is that even if you cherry-pick to intentionally reduce it, US has a higher murder rate, so I don't see how OP could cherry-pick and come up with a lower one.


bejangravity t1_it6al7x wrote

No, we have a class problem disguised as a gang problem.


cuteman t1_it6bpp7 wrote

There's a lot more low income and low class white people than black or Hispanic. Why don't we see the same levels of murder amongst that group?


IvanIsOnReddit t1_it6whho wrote

Because they don’t live in this city, they live in rural areas


cuteman t1_it7rsji wrote

Nationally the rates are very similar. This isn't limited to NYC.


spicynuggies t1_it7801h wrote

Rural areas have the most poor whites. Crime is more spread out and less population density correlates to lower crime. When you live in a town of 600 everyone is gonna know if you robbed someone

Crime and the psychology of crime are heavily dependent on environmental factors. In a city crime is more common because you can blend in more easy and get away with petty crimes.

However more people outside walking also acts as a crime detterent. Hence why Manhattan and Brooklyn rates are lower because of high pedestrian numbers.


cuteman t1_it7rz7m wrote

Nationally, the statistics are pretty similar.

Density is irrelevant when there are way more poor whites yet we don't see anywhere near the same number of murders per capita or in absolute numbers.


rammo123 t1_it5ra4w wrote

You have a racial inequality problem. POCs join gangs because they're poor and lack opportunities.


cuteman t1_it68ibq wrote

Plenty of poor white people, tens of millions in fact... Why don't we see the same thing amongst that group?


smashteam t1_it5559l wrote

Your absolutely right. If you took all of the non-white people out of New York City and replaced them with white people that committed the same rates of crime that the current white people in New York City commit, you would have to lay off 85 to 90% of the Police Officers in New York City because there wouldn’t be enough crime to justify that many police officers.

Anyone who knows how to use google can go to the New York City Police Department website and download the statistics and see for themselves. A couple years back when I looked at the New York City Police Department statistics, Blacks and Hispanics accounted for around 95% of all shootings in New York City. Whites 1.86% and Asians committed less than 1% of all shootings in NYC.


Aero200400 t1_it7e81z wrote

It's funny how I conveniently can't see my comment anymore or the rest of the thread. If you're so confident that you have facts to back up your moment of pure retardation, why did you delete my earlier comment asking you to prove your claim? Lol how pathetic you can't even cite a single statistic to support your stupid comment. It amazes me that this comment wasn't flooded with downvotes


ManasZankhana t1_it5lzhb wrote

Replace them with Indian and you d would beat that


diracz t1_it5orbr wrote

Are you sure? Percentage wise I’d love to know the national rate for Indians compare to others


Aero200400 t1_it5a7af wrote

Grade-A bullshit claim with no supporting statistics. So impoverished white people don't commit crimes at similar or higher rates? What a racist statement


Lost-Currency9670 t1_it5ad50 wrote

The inconvenient truth is always “racism” to you people


Aero200400 t1_it5b4q1 wrote

Who's "you people"? Explain how having a white ethnoatate would remove crime? Which white people would be included in that ethnostate? Hickory dickory dock