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bejangravity t1_it6al7x wrote

No, we have a class problem disguised as a gang problem.


cuteman t1_it6bpp7 wrote

There's a lot more low income and low class white people than black or Hispanic. Why don't we see the same levels of murder amongst that group?


IvanIsOnReddit t1_it6whho wrote

Because they don’t live in this city, they live in rural areas


cuteman t1_it7rsji wrote

Nationally the rates are very similar. This isn't limited to NYC.


spicynuggies t1_it7801h wrote

Rural areas have the most poor whites. Crime is more spread out and less population density correlates to lower crime. When you live in a town of 600 everyone is gonna know if you robbed someone

Crime and the psychology of crime are heavily dependent on environmental factors. In a city crime is more common because you can blend in more easy and get away with petty crimes.

However more people outside walking also acts as a crime detterent. Hence why Manhattan and Brooklyn rates are lower because of high pedestrian numbers.


cuteman t1_it7rz7m wrote

Nationally, the statistics are pretty similar.

Density is irrelevant when there are way more poor whites yet we don't see anywhere near the same number of murders per capita or in absolute numbers.