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H_Lunulata t1_it7adqg wrote

Looking up the numbers just now, Canada would be just below the "n" in "India". Draw a line on that graph from India to Thailand, and from the USA to Vietnam. Where they cross, is roughly Canada.


Dyslexic_Engineer88 t1_it7ruwb wrote

We are below the N in India and right beside the USA.

Our inflation rate is slightly lower than the USA, but our interest rate is the same now.


concentrated-amazing t1_it8kwn5 wrote

Until next Wednesday...


Dyslexic_Engineer88 t1_it8mj1q wrote

I am guessing 0.75%, but fed will match in November, and if they dont, we will match them in December.

Either way, they won't stay different for long unless something drastic happens to us that doesn't affect them or vice versa.

I've priced another 2.5% increase into my mortgage on top of where we're now, so I am ready for it.