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eva01beast t1_it7x5eg wrote

>"developed" economies

You put developed in quotations, even even our own economy has a lot of deep rooted problems. Unemployment is high, per capita income is low and there aren't a lot of opportunities. People with mechanical, chemical and civil engineering degree ultimately have to learn coding and join the IT sector because of a dearth of good paying jobs in their respective fields. How can you say that we're faring better when we can't provide enough opportunities to mechanical and civil engineers? What does it say about our economy where there aren't enough industries to absorb them?

Go spend a couple of months in these "developed" countries to see how much more we need to improve. Hell, you can even go to the "developing" nations of China and Vietnam. Some of us criticize the way things are in this country so that we can improve it, not because we're "psuedo-intellectuals".