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Prunestand OP t1_iu9ln61 wrote

Depends if you want the cup of coffee a couple of degrees hotter or cooler. If you like it hot, add the milk asap. If you like it to be a couple of degrees cooler, then wait.


Fivethenoname t1_iu9mj6v wrote

Uh what? To reach any given temp you're going to have to add or wait or wait then add. Or add differing amounts or change the the starting temp... I don't see any argument for any specific timing given that you can reach whatever temp you want by changing your method.


Vince_Vice t1_iublcg1 wrote

The milk adds heat capacity to the beverage.

Think about it this way: say the milk is out of the fridge, its cooler than room temp, the coffee is hotter than room temp.

If you add the milk to the hot coffee immediately much of the coffees heat warms the milk. If you add the milk later instead it dissipates into the room and when you add the milk your beverage is cooler.

The same is still true for room tempered milk, just not as obviously. It still adds heat capacity. But adding it after much of the heat is gone is like adding SSDs to your server after your company already lost 80% of the customer data, its just not gonna fly.

So yeah, adding milk early gives you a warmer beverage. Adding milk later produces a cooler one.