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Beavshak t1_itc92yf wrote

Why so many more cancellations in 2019 than 2018? I can’t think of a significant enough event to cause that.


robikscuber OP t1_itd99i6 wrote

That’s a good point. I see the cancellations did go up that year but it might also be that the BTS changed their collection methodology.


bluedragon8633 t1_itdn8zo wrote

What does Map of the Soul: Persona have to do with flight cancellations?


tjarko t1_itdbeoz wrote

The grounding of the 737-Max, creating a shortage of Aircraft?


QTheStrongestAvenger t1_itdc5bq wrote

The ban was put in place in March. It may have contributed to cancellations, but it doesn't explain January/February.


anonkitty2 t1_itf34zd wrote

January and February have a hangover from a government shutdown. Then the 737 MAX recall. Cancellations look steady for most of 2019.


RadioApprehensive216 t1_itcxj8n wrote

should use percentage-based instead.. due to the dramatic difference in the number of flights being held


robikscuber OP t1_itd9gca wrote

That’s a good point, but percentage based wouldn’t show us how many flights airlines are willing to over commit to and then cancel.


Kmraj t1_itcdxwo wrote

REM during the 2020 period flights weren’t scheduled (to then be cancelled); pilots were incentivized to retire (smaller pool of workers) and when the machine cranked back up to 2019 levels with a staff from 2020 post retirement.

“Whoops, forgot that we cut our flight staff by 25% while scheduling 100% of our flights. “. But we got the money! Fuck it..cancel the flight.

This result was created by the airlines.


tropicsun t1_itcu233 wrote

And other industries have similar behaviors. Increased retirements but now near 2020 demand but not enough workers…. But many not willing to pay a lot more


Okay_Ocelot t1_ithtw4t wrote

Work in a prison. Can confirm. Never factored in the massive numbers of retirees looming based on the year the facility opened. Never factored in how many early retirements they pushed in 2019. The entire HR department should be fired. But we’ll just pretend the problem is wOkE pOLiTicS and miLLeNiALs and bRaNdOn’S fReE mOnEy.


cannondave t1_itg2jk2 wrote

It's absurd that they are allowed to do this, prey on the citizens. But that's what the citizens get return they are convinced that regulation is bad.


Kmraj t1_ith8j0r wrote

Why regulate when profits can be made? (Or in some settings prophets…) /s


robikscuber OP t1_itc5bcm wrote

Last post was deleted, this version has a legend!

If you are interested in making your own plot or modifying this one (filtering to specific airlines, etc.) feel free to fork the notebook linked above.


Symbol_Human t1_itc7acw wrote

Would be cool to make this a 3d graph where the block height shows the # of flights booked


bmcapers t1_itcjwrk wrote

Just thinking the same thing. Curious if yellow meant active travel or less travels.


codemajdoor t1_itcgfy6 wrote

the linear color scheme does not do justice to this type of exponential data. IMO it needs some color mixing to convey the importance of 'heavy' regions wrt the light ones.


myleftone t1_itcfxyq wrote

This is a market in desperate need of competition from high speed rail.

Imagine this graph but ‘babies dropped on head at hospitals’ or ‘salmonella poisoning at restaurants’. This is a criminal level of failure across the entire industry.


SassHole1756 t1_itcs5n4 wrote

It drives me crazy that the tax payers bailed them out in 2020 and they turn around raise rates, cancel flights with no accountability, and then make the seats smaller. Screw the airline industry.


Artistic-Milk-3490 t1_itebrxy wrote

I'm in this picture and I don't like it. Looking at you June 2022 😣


ValyrianJedi t1_itekqr5 wrote

I have to take something like 100 flights a year for work if you count small connection flights. There was a while in there where I perpetually had to leave a day early so that if the flight got canceled you'd have time to wait and catch another flight.


cannondave t1_itg2o9d wrote

I have never ever experienced a cancelled flight. Europe. I guess we don't allow that through consumer protection regulation.


kinglittlenc t1_itf13xb wrote

I've seen a lot more delays and cancellations lately. I was in Raleigh a couple months ago and my flight was cancelled because of pilot fatigue. I've never had that happen before. The attendant just got on the mic right as boarding began and said the pilot refuses to board the plane.

All other flights were booked for the day so I was pissed since I had to spend an extra day in town. I was given a free hotel and meal vouchers still was a huge inconvenience, I think a full refund should be given for those situations as well.


eh17368 t1_itc7rgk wrote

The dark red part of 2020 is lockdown period


eefggfed t1_itcji9y wrote

Should do one for Canada.... Or Pearson intl airport Toronto. Wish I knew how haha


Snakethroater t1_itd3l2t wrote

Wth happened in March 202.... Ohhhh.


Celebrir t1_ite5ef2 wrote

I don't think the average reddit reader will be able to understand the scale

Color go dark brrrrrrr


iepure77 t1_itgfkzv wrote

Happy to see the airlines fixed everything in August 2022


rubytakaria t1_itcl2th wrote

Should show how much airlines are earning out of cancellation


Truthirdare t1_itcqmy1 wrote

March April 2020 were some dark times!


ruiqi22 t1_itd34nq wrote

I’d be interested in seeing the percentage of flights cancelled. Saw the big yellow block in 2021/2022 but then realized that there may have been fewer flights scheduled, so there naturally wouldn’t be as many to cancel


X-Aceris-X t1_itdqdl1 wrote

I definitely thought this was a GitHub repo commit history at first-glance.

I need to spend more time away from the computer


WhitePetrolatum t1_itesa60 wrote

This graph is useless if you’re not taking into account the number of flights booked.


cannondave t1_itg2fo9 wrote

Disturbing business practice. I don't understand how many 10³ is. I guess it's 101010 = 1000. If that's correct, then it's 200,000 Americans being severely affected that day, if each flight have like 200 passengers.


PresentationOk1814 t1_ithq2uv wrote

Like the graph a lot!
You have a typo - should be ...Bureauf of Transportation...


TacticalDM t1_itiwsji wrote

June 2020 Flights cancelled: 0/0

perfect score


Sketzell t1_itp31by wrote

It was a bad time in the travel industry


HR_Here_to_Help t1_itpgyj6 wrote

I’d love to see this graphed against COVID cases


halfman1231 t1_itql9wk wrote

Dang wonder what happened in March-April of 2020…


halfman1231 t1_itqmj97 wrote

2020 data post shut down is interesting! Lower cancellations compared to previous years despite it being the middle of a pandemic


WhosYoPokeDaddy t1_iteblo8 wrote

March/April 2020 "no you can't see your family in Wuhan"