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Kmraj t1_itcdxwo wrote

REM during the 2020 period flights weren’t scheduled (to then be cancelled); pilots were incentivized to retire (smaller pool of workers) and when the machine cranked back up to 2019 levels with a staff from 2020 post retirement.

“Whoops, forgot that we cut our flight staff by 25% while scheduling 100% of our flights. “. But we got the money! Fuck it..cancel the flight.

This result was created by the airlines.


tropicsun t1_itcu233 wrote

And other industries have similar behaviors. Increased retirements but now near 2020 demand but not enough workers…. But many not willing to pay a lot more


Okay_Ocelot t1_ithtw4t wrote

Work in a prison. Can confirm. Never factored in the massive numbers of retirees looming based on the year the facility opened. Never factored in how many early retirements they pushed in 2019. The entire HR department should be fired. But we’ll just pretend the problem is wOkE pOLiTicS and miLLeNiALs and bRaNdOn’S fReE mOnEy.


cannondave t1_itg2jk2 wrote

It's absurd that they are allowed to do this, prey on the citizens. But that's what the citizens get return they are convinced that regulation is bad.


Kmraj t1_ith8j0r wrote

Why regulate when profits can be made? (Or in some settings prophets…) /s